here we go....

In the past two weeks my life has changed.

Around Christmas time Brent began considering applying for a job back home in Missouri. He had been approached by a good family friend who just so happens to be president of a very successful bank, and so our conversations and prayers began.

Fast forward to March.

We flew home for a weekend to see everyone and to support Brent's sister who had just lost a baby, and Brent was able to throw on his suit and go in for an interview.

Enter the waiting game.

Two weeks ago was my spring break. My mom and dad were both flying in to Nashville [babies do that, you know], and so I went down Tuesday evening to help Kali before they got there. Brent had to work until Thursday evening. Why are these details significant? Because we had to, just like before, make our life changing decision over the phone. You see, there was a little bit of distance between us in college...roughly 8 hours... and as we were wedding planning and life planning it all had to happen over the phone. That is how we made the decision to move to Louisville 2 years ago. And on Wednesday when he called to let me know he had been offered the job we were once again stuck communicating via phone line. Good thing we became pros at this.

More prayers, conversation, a few tears, and a lot of smiles later he officially accepted the loan officer position on Thursday.

That weekend was a little hazy for me. My family was all together again: Mom, Dad, Dan, Kali, Caroline, Brent, and me. It was wonderful. We grilled, we went for walks, we dedicated Caroline at church, we talked and laughed etc. But in the back of my mind was this very large decision that we had just made.

For the most part Brent and I decided we wanted to just enjoy the weekend with the family; however, on Saturday we had a little bit of time to ourselves and so, after buying Brent a new shirt and tie and guitar strings to celebrate [oh, and I got a Java Chip Frappuccino!], I got online and began looking for jobs. This was something I had been putting off. I put it off for several reasons: I didn't want to ask for references at work before I knew we were leaving for certain, and I didn't like thinking about leaving my school. So here I was, on this particular Saturday, realizing that I had put off the job search probably too long, overwhelmed at the thought of moving in 2 months, and figuring out the crazy emotions running through my mind. I sent out several emails that day and received only one real possibility...which I wasn't all too excited about.

Feeling slightly defeated, I closed the laptop and refocused on time with my family. And then I got a text...

A possible job opening at my alma mater. I didn't want to be overly excited, as it was just a possibility.

The weekend came to an end as, unfortunately, all good things must do. Brent and I headed back to Louisville with excitement, questions, and a lot of unknowns.

And then Monday came. I had to tell my coworkers. Scratch that...I had to tell some of my closest friends here in Louisville that I would be moving. I brought my make-up, knowing I would probably have to reapply after the tears. You see, at my school we have what we call "teams." My "team" has worked together the past two years and the five of have become very close. We're like a strange family. I mean, it's odd that a 24 year girl who has been teaching for two years, a mid 30s mother of one teaching for 13 years, a single 30 year old male teaching for 5, a late 50s [I think?!] year old woman with 2 grown children teaching for I don't even know how many years, and a mid 50s year old man whose youngest daughter is my age could all co-exist so peacefully and have so much fun together. It is beyond me why it works, but it does. I couldn't sleep the night before, and felt nauseous driving to school that Monday.

In their defense, they were very supportive. I mean, they cried, gave me a hard time, and asked what it would take to get me to stay [and I had some VERY good offers, including DVR and Ralph Lauren sunglasses], but they were also supportive and understanding. We sat there that morning, the five of us oddly crammed into desks meant for middle schoolers, realizing this would be ending soon. We made a pact that there would be no end-of-the-year countdowns for us; that we would just ride it out and enjoy the time together. We also began planning our "last supper," but I will save that for another post. The next day they all secretly planned to wear black as a symbol of their mourning.

After telling them, the news quickly began to trickle through the building, and I eventually wrote my official letter of resignation.

With this behind me I finally felt like I could let go a little more, and began to get very excited about our 'return to the homeland!' Family is one of the most important things to Brent and I, and as we begin to think more about starting our own, we couldn't even imagine doing this away from our parents and grandparents. We realize it is these relationships that shaped us, and want to provide that for our children as well. Oh, and I hate the city, so that is an added bonus.

As we began to look at houses, collect boxes, and make other arrangements, I was slowly realizing I still didn't have a job arranged for next school year. And then the phone call came. Tuesday morning, not even a week after Brent had accepted his job, I received a call from the principal of my old high school...go big red! He told me he had heard we were moving, informed me of a sophomore/junior English position that had just opened up, and we scheduled a phone interview for Friday morning.

I arrived at school a little early on Friday. I found a cup of Dunkin's hot chocolate on my desk and a "Good Luck!" note from Jenn. And on cue my phone rang. After an hour long interview I left it in God's hands and enjoyed my team's Friday ritual of walking across the street to McDonalds.

Monday morning I was offered the job!

So there you have it, folks. In less than a two week time period Brent and I were both offered jobs and our dream of moving back home has become a realization. If you didn't believe in God, do you now?!

And so, as I said in my last post, "God has recently grabbed Brent and I by our collars, thrown us on a tilt-a-whirl, and flung us into our future." We are supremely excited and blessed, and slightly nervous for what He must have in store for us :-)

We are currently looking at houses and making other moving arrangements, and I'm sure I will keep you up to date as this crazy journey continues. So if you have been frustrated by my lack of updates, hopefully this will help you understand.

Two years ago I came to this city, probably kicking and screaming a little more than I should have. It was quite possibly the hardest thing I have ever done, and even though that may sound a bit melodramatic it is true. However, this soil has proven fertile for growing our marriage. We had to learn to rely on each other, as we had NO ONE else. We had to learn to look to God, and trust Him in each other. We want to be home. And God has opened the doors. And so when I think about leaving Louisville I realize that the tears I shed are tears of unexpected blessings. I didn't expect to find comfort or friendship here, but I've learned location has never been a factor for God. And even though we hate the traffic, buildings, and business of this place, Brent and I will always be able to look back to our time here in "the desert" with happiness in our hearts.

God is so very faithful.


*carrie* said...

Yay--so exciting! Thanks for sharing this journey, Kelsey. And congrats on the new jobs!

katie said...

congrats, kels! very very exciting.

Jillian said...

Yay Kelsey!!!! Congrats on the job!!!That is awesome! We are so going to miss you guys when you move, but I can totally understand wanting to be back home---family is an indescribible blessing! So happy for you all!

Carrie said...

You are so blessed to have such quick answers! I currently am in the waiting period of applying and then waiting to hear back. I am so excited for you as i can attest how great it is to be by family. Just promise to keep blogging for those of us away from you! :)