why I still [try to] put on makeup

I stay home.

[^^^^Post coming soon about why that used to be, and sometimes still is, so hard for me to say.]

This means a lot of days, especially in the winter, I never leave my house. If I do it's to run errands or take a quick walk or something. And who needs to look good to do that? I could wake up and never get out of my pajamas and no one would know.

This winter I think I wore the same sweatpants and sweatshirt* for 4 days straight. And by 4 days I mean 8 days. I maybe showered in there somewhere and put them back on, but it's all very muddled at this point.

the sweatshirt I've worn all winter

And then I thought about it, and realized I should maybe take the two minutes necessary to change my clothes each day. Throw on some jeans. I thought I should maybe change my clothes for the same reasons I do my makeup most mornings:

my husband

The first one is less important to me because I don't have much time to look in the mirror and really don't care if I have makeup or jeans on. But since I started staying home nearly three years ago, I've noticed the days I put on some eyeliner and select a clean shirt to wear, I feel more awake; more alive.

And when my husband made comments one day when I was wearing jeans and a "nice shirt" [< that's a relative term. My nice shirt was a solid color long sleeve v-neck] about how great I looked, I thought maybe HE deserves a little more of an effort from me too.

So I still apply some mascara. I put on some blush. And I've been trying to make more of an effort to get out of my sweats. Now let me explain this: I don't put my worth in how I look, but I think it is worth  it to look nice for my husband.

It's easy to not care. It is E.A.S.Y. And it is nice to have that option. BUT, stay-at-home-mamas, let's put some effort into how we get ready for our day for our husband's sake. He goes to work and, for most jobs, is probably surrounded by women who aren't wearing their slippers and who forgot to put on deodorant. He should be refreshed by the sight of his wife when he comes home**.

Please don't start wearing high heels around the house. Or, if you do, please start a blog and tell me ALL about it.

I try and get my makeup on, as simple as it is, and I try to brush my hair or put it in a fresh ponytail [you know what I mean by fresh-- NOT the one I slept in last night, because I have been known to do that], and I try to put on "real" clothes. Not because Brent has ever made me feel less-than when I don't, but because I love him. I want to always pursue him and flirt with him and look nice for him.

My marriage is important enough to put on make-up.

*I'm still wearing that sweatshirt today. So, you win some you lose some. [I just looked and it's on clearance at Kohls right now. Go buy one. You're welcome. ]
** Sometimes this happens about 10 minutes before he walks in the door, but he'll never know ;)

Other stay at homers out there: what do you do to help "break the rut" and make yourself feel among the living most days? 

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Hannah said...

Like you, most days I don't leave the house. Sometimes [okay, most of the time] I only get out of the house once a week and that's to go get groceries. But I have found that I just feel better when I do 'get ready' in the mornings. For me, that includes putting on a little make up, putting on jeans and a t-shirt, and fixing my hair [taming the crazy frizz]. Right after Emerson was born I practically lived in sweatpants/yoga pants/pajamas. Maybe I put some mascara on in the mornings? I don't remember, that was a very hazy time for me. But, I do know that phase didn't become permeant. I started wearing my jeans and shirts and putting a little bit of make up on. And if I was lucky, I got to fix my hair. I noticed too that on the days I made myself 'look nice' Landon would notice and comment on how nice I looked [even if it was only jeans and a tshirt]. So I do it for him and for me. I think when I feel like I look okay, I am a happier and nicer person to those around me. It is still tempting to let my hair be and just put it up in a bun and forget about it, but then I just feel like blah, so I make the time and actually try to manage it somehow. Though who knows what my hair is up to these days... Anyhow.

Ellen said...

I am not a parent, but I usually don't put on make-up most days. Because then I have to take it off, and that is my least favorite. Ugh.

But since I have to go to work, I typically get dressed. 96% of the work days. Our work dress code is clean, comfortable, covered. It's a good dress code.