10 months of Becks Lynae

one day the light was right and I snapped a few pictures of Becks and captured the real beauty of her eyes. no photoshop here, folks! 

Weight: At her appointment last month she was still under 16 lbs. So somewhere in that range. 

Clothes and Diapers: 9 month, 9-12, and some 12 month. Again, she wears mostly hand me downs so I think they all may be a touch small at this point. Size 3 diapers. Still Luvs. 

Eating: She is eating anything in sight. Wowsers. Nurses three times a day: when she wakes up in the morning and then when she wakes from her morning and afternoon naps. So the last time I nurse is 3/4. Which is awesome. I really think we're almost done. The other night my mom made black bean burgers and I could hardly get it on her plate fast enough because she was devouring it. I tried formula in her sippy cup, as I'm setting my sights on weaning soon, and she didn't go for it. We may switch to cow's milk and call it good. 

Sleeping: Still taking two naps and her afternoon nap seems to be stretching out a bit which is glorious. She's ready ready ready for bed at 7. 

first time I found her sitting up.
we dropped the crib this month.

Accomplishments/ things to note:

/ this month was crazy big in the "accomplishments" department! 
/ TWO TEETH! One at the front end of the month, one just this past week. I think this is why her appetite spiked. 
/ first ponytail!!!
/ Blythe is playing more with Becks, and Becks is responding and laughing and going along with it more. It's my favorite thing ever to watch! 
/ she blows kisses...well, she puckers her lips in a kiss and blows. Goll dang it's cute.  
/ she started sitting herself up.
/ she started CRAWLING! I couldn't believe it. She never army crawled or got up and rocked. One day she just crawled. Very methodical, perfect little crawl. 
/funny story for the month/ a reason why Brent and I should win parents of the year: the other day Brent and I were watching a show and Becks woke up pretty early from her nap. I happened to have some yogurt puffs which she LOVES, and we wanted to finish our show. We literally sat on the couch and I tossed those puffs from one end of the room to the other and she would crawl, grab one, sit up and enjoy it, then crawl for the next one. We were able to finish our show this way. So for those of you that think we are great parents, think again. :) 

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Hannah said...

I can hardly believe that she is already ten months old! Where does time go? How exciting that she is eating so well ... and so much! And how exciting for you to be nearing the end of nursing! Also, I love that you threw yogurt puffs across the room for her to got get and munch on. It's basically genius.