because Spring colds and stuffy noses are the worst: A Crane Review

Once upon a time, I was pregnant with my first child. People told me I should get a humidifier for the nursery, and I saw this cute elephant guy and threw him on my registery. Brent and I occasionally used a humidifier, but I wasn't a mom and I did not yet know how awesome these things are. 

When Blythe was a teeny tiny newborn and shedding her beautiful black hair all over her white crib sheet, I only used this when she had a cold. Wrong. Now that I have Becks, I turn this sucker on every night and every nap. Basically all the live long day. And I think it helps. 

I liked my first Elephant from Crane Humidifiers   so much, that I register for the same exact one when I was pregnant with number two. Also, when Blythe started talking [at about 8 days, or something like that...], she called it "El-leaf" and I knew he would be joining her in her new room. So I needed another one. I looked at all the "adorable" humidifier options on Crane's website:

A couple friends had told me that they had had a few different ones, and that they felt the elephant produced/dispersed/did it's thing a little better than the others, so I just stuck with it. But how cute would that DUCK be? or BEE? Or that TRAIN?! What? These are awesome. The best thing about Crane's humidifiers, in my opinion, is that they don't require filters. Ain't nobody got time to be making sure their dang filter isn't moldy or needing replaced. Been there. Done that. Threw that humidifier away when we moved. These work without a filter, and if you drain them daily...ish... they stay pretty clean. About once a week I wipe mine up with a clorox wipe, and every month or two I do the full cleaning instructions to be the thorough, OCD neat freak I have become. 

Cold or not, I run these suckers daily for my girls. They are quiet. They keep their noses from crusting which in turn keeps me from having to get up at two in the morning when Blythe is cry-screaming in her sleep-awake-state saying, "I have boogies!" [<< this has really happened before I was faithful with the humidifiers.]  A doctor could probably tell you the benefits of having proper moisture in the air, but a doctor I am not, so I will just say: It's good! 

Unfortunately Blythe's "El-leaf" started making a terrifying grinding sound when we would turn it on. It would stop after a few minutes and run normally after that, but I figured I would check with Crane and see what they could do. 

The ONE YEAR warranty [which is pretty awesome, isn't it?!] was up, but they were so great to work with and said they would send me another one so I could share it with you all on this blog. 

A part of me wanted to get the elephant again because we love that guy, but Blythe's big girl room just needed a punch of turquoise, her favorite color my favorite color, so I went with this: 

you can only buy this color at buybuyBaby or Bed Bath & Beyond, or on Crane's website

Again, there were a million options to choose from among the Drop Humidifiers, which are their best seller: 

 We've been using it for about a month and a half  now, and it is even quieter than the elephant. My only complaint about both humidifiers is that the light on it is bright. When you turn it on there is a green light, and when it runs out of water it turns red. On the elephant I just covered it with a bit of electric tape and problem solved, but on Blythe's the light is inside the little bubble and I can't get to it. Which is fine because it doesn't really bother her because she's in that I-want-all-the-lights-on-when-I-sleep-phase, but it would bother me in my room at night. Maybe you're not this touchy.

If you need a humidifier, or a great baby gift, check out Crane's selection. I really think it has helped to keep these puppies flowing all winter for my girls. And their customer service is phenomenal.
[And I was going to post pictures of how cute these look in their actual rooms, but every time I think to do it they are asleep. So instead here is an adorable picture of Becks from this morning:

Crane supplied me with the second humidifier in exchange for this review, but all opinions are my own. 
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Mrs. White Writes said...

Yes. Quinn has the blowing-snot-bubbles cold and cough this week and it's the worst. Humidifiers all the way, baby.

Hannah said...

How fun that you were supplied a humidifier to review!! I never had a humidifier before Emerson was born. And then he was born and within a few months or something he caught a little cold and had a snuffly nose. I went out and got a humidifier right away because that's what the doctor said to do. We got the owl one, I loved that it went with his woodland critter room. I only used it when he would get a little bit sick. But this winter we started using it every night and nap time too. He had a horrible cough. Scary, awful, terrible cough. I got the Owl out and we started using it, but before long it broke. His cough turned out to be something more than just a cough, but with the help of medicine and constant use of the humidifier it went away. When we went to get a new one at the store they didn't have any owls, so we got the elephant. And we like it! We use it all the time now, and I'm pretty sure we will continue to use it every day and night for who knows how long.

*carrie* said...

Cute humidifier. I agree--no filter is the way to go. I've recently started using a diffuser, as well, and like that I can put a few drops of essential oils in with the water. (I've done it in a humidifier, too, but you're not supposed to because it breaks down the plastic.)

I run a humidifier in our room and Naomi's all winter (6 months--ha) long. I do hate cleaning them, though, but I know the alternative is disgusting and unhealthy.