my classroom

I finally got my room put together enough to take some more pictures. You'll hopefully notice some changes! :)

The bulletin boards are still bare, but that is my goal for early next week; I at least have the background and borders up. You'll also notice that I now have desks instead of the previous tables. Brent says he thinks it looks more like a classroom this way...? Who knows. For those of you that are teachers, do you think this was an okay move to switch? Alright, I'll put up the pictures now.

Obviously, my desk [and corner]

One of my education friends from college suggested using clear contact paper to hang on the wall. Here I wrote some tips for writing [hard to read]

This is where I will post pieces of the students' writing

In the front of the room I taped off this calendar with electrical tape; I'll continually update it with assignments and projects that are coming up. Since it is on the white board it is very easy to maintain. I also listed rules for procedures above it.

The rest are just pictures of the room. You'll be able to figure out the angles.

Now I just need students...

a week and a half!


Anonymous said...

It looks great! I love all the bright colors!


Kali said...

I can't believe you have your very own classroom! It looks great, Mrs. Irwin :-) Miss you!

*carrie* said...

Very colorful and welcoming. It looks great, Kelsey. That's a really neat note that you wrote to your students.

Anonymous said...

I love it, Kels ... it's so you! How many students will you have? It looks like a LOT of chairs!

P.S. Good to talk to you tonight!