frugal fruit

This week has been a busy one, but a good kind of busy. Monday evening Grandpa Jay and Grandma Hazel arrived, and we've spent the last few evenings with them [I'll write more about this later].

Brent and I did our grocery shopping for the month this weekend. We were in the canned fruit aisle, and he picked up some cups of mixed fruit. He thought they would be a good thing for him to throw in with his lunches, and although I agreed, I didn't quite think it the price was right (and the cups only help about 3 bites!). So instead, I bought some pineapple and pears (the only two he really liked in the mix anyway), cut them up, and made my own fruit cups for him. They are still convenient to grab, but there are a lot more! We also decided to buy two more plants for the apartment. I had been wanting to since we moved in, and the plants were on sale, so we decided it was a good time. They are both in the dining room (I didn't take a "zoomed out" picture). Brent named this one "Snazzy." (He has always wanted to get a dog and name him "Snazzy," so we compromised with a plant :)
We had to replace our dying spider plant...so here is the replacement. It is actually now sitting on the cool, old step ladder from Aunt Linda (I'll have to take another picture!)

Here we are after church on Sunday. Brent decided it was time to wear his wedding shirt and tie once more. And I decided to wear my FAVORITE cardigan that I got with the gift card from Micah--Thanks, I love it.
That picture is a little fuzzy, but Brent didn't want to take anymore pictures though, so I was sad:
Today was spent back in my classroom. I'll post more pictures soon. It is coming together. I switched my tables out for desks with another teacher... I'm trying to decide if that was a bad move; it seemed to shrink the size of my room. However, the teacher whom I switched with has an even smaller room, so at least I feel like I did a good deed.

Sorry this post was so random... not much time. But there is more to come.


Kelly said...

Kelsey, I love your site and all your writings. I think one day you'll write a book. Love the hair!!! The apartment is so cute. You're so lucky for your first place.
Look forward to your writings.

Kelly K

Anonymous said...

You are so thrifty I can hardly believe it! Just like I could hardly believe the fact (from one of your last posts) that cleaning and scrubbing and the smell of Clorox made you feel peaceful. I thought I'd never see the day! You make me proud.

Love you! Mom

Anonymous said...

I just got back from the grocery store and found myself thinking ... "that would be a good deal for Kelsey & Brent." I'm proud of you too, although the cleaning thing does creep me out a little.
Love you,
Aunt Linda

Micah Wolf said...

oooh. I love that sweater and you look so cute! love your classroom pics too. I am back in internet world. I'll have to catch up with you later.

Anonymous said...

Guess what....I got the same cardigan from Loft! It must be a teacher thing...ya think? Love what you've done with your room...I just got back from Micah's and will go to school tomorrow to fiqure out my new room...what to come and do my room, too? Love, Carol