all work and no play? never.

So, yes, I have begun teaching. I just sent out a mass email about that endeavor [if you didn't get the email and want it, just let me know and I'll shoot it your way]. But there have also been other fun things going on in my life!!

Last weekend we had our friends, Eric and Rachel, over. After supper we went golfing. The boys golfed and Rachel and I walked with them. It was actually quite a bit of fun. They are very relaxed and great to hang out with. The boys didn't do as well as they wanted to, so we headed back to our apartment and I made Orange Julius' to lighten the mood :). [This was actually another recipe from a freshman student!]. It reminded me of the times that Grandma Ann would make Kali and me Julius'...I would hide when she ran the blender! So with our drinks in hand we watched the opening ceremonies of the Olympics. It was a good night to just relax and have fun.Saturday, Brent helped me out by making cookies! He likes to take them for lunch everyday, and I wanted to have some for this weekend when Dad and Derek would be here, but I just didn't have time as I had a few last minute things to prepare for school. So I talked him through the recipe and then left the kitchen and he went to work...they turned out perfect!! He was very proud of himself and is enjoying them!

Wednesday was the big day as I started school, but it was also the night of our second slow pitch softball game. So after school I drove my tired body over to the church and changed into my uniform [sorry no pictures]. We had played really well the week before and we were all planning on another great night. We started out pretty well, but then during the second inning, I was running from first to second and about half way there I felt some sharp pain in my quad. I limped to second before the ball got there and then got a pinch runner. I got myself off the field but then I realized how much I was really hurting. Brent ran and got me some ice and I sat down and then the tears started....yes, I hurt, but I just kept thinking about not being able to walk for day 2 of school. It has just been an emotional and long day at school anyway, and then this on top of it all?! I couldn't believe it. Everyone on our team must have thought I was the biggest sissy because I just sat and cried. I consulted Micah and Dad, received medical advice :), and was feeling a little better.

Our team had planned the week before to meet at one of our teammates houses [she is actually the mission's intern at the church, and is staying in a house owned by the church. It has an awesome back porch!]. We grilled out and everyone brought sides, and after a long day I sat there and felt so blessed to have already been able to have made such great friends. One of them even called Brent the next morning to see how my leg was doing! We enjoyed the food and fellowship, and after several hotdogs and burgers and bugbites...I crashed into bed!

Dad swang through on Thursday night and we had some enchiladas, and Derek has been here for a week now. Dad will be back tonight, and both will head out on Monday, as I begin my first FULL week! Keep me in your prayers as I know I will be exhausted!

I can't get on blogspot at school, so I will try and keep up with posting as much as I can. Hope you all are enjoying the olympics...I can't get over Michael Phelps! Wow. Time for some floor scrubbing!


Micah Wolf said...

you are better at blogging than me....I am bad. can't wait to see you in sept. love you

Anonymous said...

Gee, Brent ... you never baked cookies when you were at my house! They look tasty!