a first paycheck... and finally some pictures

Today was exciting for 3 reasons:

#1: It is the beginning of a three day weekend...obviously a reason to celebrate.

#2: I received my first real paycheck...and realized that my work is worth it :). Even though people always say teachers don't get paid enough, when you haven't received a paycheck that big in your entire life, all is well.

#3: I received my results [FINALLY] from my Praxis and PLT. I passed both!!! My praxis for middle school English I got a 190/200-- I felt pretty good about that. For the principles of learning and teaching I received a 172/200-- and I passed and that's all that matters! :) Thanks to everyone who said prayers that day!

Here I am after receiving both in the mail today:We were both very happy [and Micah, this is one of the shirts I got with the gift card :)]:

I also realized that I never put up the few pictures I took from Dad's brief visit. He showed us the finished product of the painting he did of Brent:

After church on Sunday, dad and I snapped a few pictures. The first one isn't very good, due to the lighting. It was a quick trip but I think we all really enjoyed it! [I like the second one a lot.]:

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*carrie* said...

Great pix, Kelsey. Congrats on passing the tests and receiving your first paycheck!

Enjoyed reading your posts about things up here, but you totally butchered the word "Szechuan!" =)