an email about missing things

I just sent an email to Aunt Linda. Now that the college is starting back up, I am realizing more and more the things I am going to miss. I thought I'd share, as this isn't necessarily specific to A.L., although a few things are. I realize also that this list is not exhaustive...I could write for 2 more hours about everything I miss:

"Hey there,

been thinking about you and oc and nwc and moc and all those other acronyms that i left behind up there in the north. now that i know nwc has started, the college-sickness i didn't expect is slowly creeping up on me. i miss not having anything until 9 oclock. i miss having every meal ready to go. i miss being able to walk to the "post office" or the nurse, or to borrow an egg, or a movie, or a shirt, or shoes, or a hair dryer.... i miss having you to call and say, "hey, can i just come take a bath?!" i miss having you call me and say "The hut tonight?" i miss having dutchness surrounding me. i miss double a's and v's being present in my life. i miss knowing that within 100 yards of wherever i was i could find about 400 other women my age, who wouldn't mind hanging out, even if i didn't "know" them. i miss going to ball games and knowing the players, and coaches, and managers...and occassionally the refs. i miss uncle alan's comments. i miss someone teaching me instead of the other way around. i miss being able to read a book. i miss curling up in a ball under a bunkbed in the darkness of 2 pm in the afternoon. i miss not really having to shower but once or twice a week :). i miss the smells, the sounds...yes, the smells even :) i miss singing the doxology. i miss being able to put on a hat when i accidently woke up 5 minutes before i had to be somewhere. i miss the quiet streets. i miss taking kids for walks in strollers down friendly sidewalks where everyone waved and cars let us cross in front of them, even if we didn't have the right of way. i miss tulips, even if i couldn't pick them. i miss coffee shops. i miss the freedom of walking in late to class. i miss people knowing me. i miss being known. i miss scheswans, which i still don't know how to spell. i miss the bibles for missions thrift store that came 3 years too late. i miss the very friendly cashier in caseys. i miss chicken parmesean on sundays in the cafeteria. i miss the pre-made cookies you have. i miss you. i miss everything, really. just thought you should know.
love you


Anonymous said...

YES! I feel the same way. You're so good at writing it. I miss everything!!! - Renae

Kali said...

And now 3 years later...I still miss all of that! Last spring you told me you weren't going to miss NWC at all...I told you so ;-)