books need a new home?

The first day of school is quick approaching. Today I might with our journalism students [did I mention I'll be doing yearbook-- YIKES!]. It was an all day marathon, but it went very well. I am oh-so-tired though.

This post is quick and for one purpose:

My bookshelf is in desperate need of books for my classroom. If any of you have old boxes filled with books from the days of yester-year [aka something suitable and level-appropriate for middle school to high school level] and you want to donate to a good cause, I would be happy to be the recipient! I know throughout the year I will order some via book-orders, but I thought to get started and pack the shelf with some used but loved books would be fantastic!

I called mom and dad and asked them if dad could bring my "box-o-books" when he comes to visit in two weeks [which I am thoroughly excited about]. This box is mostly filled with BabySitter's Club books, but also some of my old favorites, which are worn and torn, but I can still tell you all about them! Growing up I felt like these characters were my friends, and when I look back, they were just as much a part of my childhood as Gak! [Remember that stuff?] Two of my favorites that I hope are resurrected in the box include:

Too Soon To Say Goodbye by Deborah Kent, about a young girl battling leukemia. I brought it to my fifth grade teacher for her to read the class [she was always asking for us to suggest good books]. She started reading it and by the 2nd chapter was in tears and decided it wasn't a good idea for her to read it in front of the entire class. [I couldn't find a picture of this one!]

Nothing is Fair in Fifth Grade by Barthe DeClements. You can just imagine what this book was like! Drama. But the reason I love it even more now is because I checked it out so much from the school library...and I was the only one that checked it out...and it was in such bad shape because it was so old... that the librarians decided to just let me keep it one time. It was like Christmas.

Do you have any books you remember reading as a kid and loving so much you read them over and over and over? Do you still remember the main characters' names? [In my books they were Jill and Elsie :)]

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*carrie* said...


Glad you enjoyed the pix of N. His wild hair goes well with his personality!

I will look through our books and see what I can find. I was a voracious reader at that age. For some reason, I have less time these days . . . =)