grandparent's visit

We were so happy to spend some great time with Grandma Hazel and Grandpa Jay during their trip to Louisville [Brent's grandparent's on his mom's side]. They had always been wanting to get out this way to visit one of Grandpa's ship buddies from the war. So during their time here they were able to visit John and his wife [who live just over the river in Indiana], and also traveled to Virginia to research some family history. Brent and I spent several evenings with them, and were able to do a lot of fun stuff.

After church on Sunday they treated us to lunch at Cracker Barrel. Here we are waiting outside before being seated.

After a very good lunch [I ordered breakfast like I always do at CB], they wanted to show Brent and me their friends' house. He owns a ton of land and even has some corn fields smack in the middle of the city. Unfortunately we didn't get to meet them, as they were out for lunch that day. Grandpa Jay got some good pictures of their house though.
Doesn't really look like we're in the city, does it?
His friend had collected these rocks, which I thought looked like cauliflower...they were really interesting.

Afterwards we went to the Louisville Slugger Muesem. Walking up to the main entrance, there are bats and plates of famous ball players. The mini statue of the bat is cut exactly like they made it for that particular player [each player has certain alterations they like to have made].
The biggest bat in the world [i couldn't even get the whole thing in the picture!]

They have a huge wall when you walk in that has all of the ball players that have ordered bats from them, with their signature burned into the wood just like it was sliced off the bat. here they have a display on black wood of all the hall of famers that have used their bat. Bottom left is OZZIE SMITH [took this for you, Paige and Torri]. In the right is George Brett.
We then took a tour through the factory, and they show you how they make bats. Very interesting.
Unfortunately you can't take pictures in the actually factory, so here I am i nthe giant glove!
You get mini bats after your tour, which is dangerous when 200 people in the museum, half of which are children, are all walking around pretending to swing their bats!
We really enjoyed spending the time with Gma and Gpa! It's always nice to sit down with family.

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