very quickly

I am completely overwhelmed and overstimulated with a thousand pages of brand new information. I feel as if I have 38 different internet windows up, and just when I start to look at one, another one calls my name. Countdown until the first day of school : 6. We've had meetings all week, and although they've been mostly positive and have greatly excited me and encouraged me [and helped me get to know what I believe is going to be an incredible staff], they have also bombarded me with too many things at once. There are too many acronyms that are used that I just have no clue what they mean! Today one of the teachers asked me what I am most nervous about for the first day, and I honestly answered and said, "Ya know, I haven't really let myself think about it that way." And I haven't. I know I am still in control and I am still looking forward to meeting my students.... but there is a lot to do yet. I'll be okay, but just pray for me when you think about it. Tomorrow is my last day of orientation, and Monday is family night, and classes start on Wednesday.

For you teachers out there, how do you prepare for the first day every year? Do you remember your very first day as a new teacher? Advice?

In other news: Brent and I won our first co-ed slow pitch softball game last night. We put together a team with some other interns from the church and we had so much fun. We're planning on winning the league, but I'll let you know how that plays out :)

Tomorrow is the summer intern's last day. Eric and Brent have become good friends and have golfed many times together :). Brent is beginning to wonder what he'll do at work without Eric. Tomorrow night we are going to have him and his girlfriend, Rachel, over for supper. And then the guys are going to go golfing and Rachel and I will just walk to the course with them, and then we will probably get a movie or something. I'm looking forward to a fun evening. I need it! [and I believe Shepard's Pie is on the menu! Yum!]

AND...the beginning of next week our friend Derek is coming [best man at our wedding]. He has a missionary convention here in Louisville and will be crashing at our place for a full week [monday to monday]. I know I'll be a little frazzled, but of any of our friends I know he'll understand :). AND.... DAD IS COMING NEXT WEEKEND! Which we are really looking forward to. So it will be a full house and a very busy week, but I think being with people who know me well will help ease the stress!

This weekend I hope to blog about:
-Our time with Grandpa Jay and Grandma Hazel
-An excellent Chicken Fettucini Alfredo recipe
- My unguarded thoughts about school starting.
[I wrote all these out so you all will keep me accountable].

AND...HAPPY 2 MONTHS TO BRENT AND ME! :) Can you believe it?!

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