no one told me...


I just looked and realized that the last time I posted was last WEDNESDAY...and it's now MONDAY...sick. Time flies. This weekend was wonderful as Brent treated me to supper out on Friday (something we rarely do), and then a movie at the cheap theater with our friends, Eric and Rachel. Saturday we went grocery shopping (we actually enjoy this, but not the bill part! yikes!). This trip was very much needed as it had been a long time since we bought groceries...paycheck to paycheck baby! Luckily I get my first one very soon, and yes, I'm what one might call "ecstatic." :) Then we went to the mall to hit up Old Navy sale's racks. Back home and we received a phone call that Eric and Rachel got engaged (congratulations, guys!). Yesterday we had a wonderful service at church. Our current sermon series is "One Month to Live," and each week focuses on a different aspect of how we would live differently and more passionately if we knew our time was shorter. (I hope to blog about this later). And then last night we were invited over to the music minister's house for supper with the other interns and their wives. It really is a fun group and we enjoyed a night of fellowship and great food, which Brent and I will never pass up!

Now for the title of this post: "No one told me..."

When I realized it was Monday already I thought to myself, "Wow, Mondays really are horrible. No one ever told me just how much teachers hate Mondays (and probably every occupation for that matter!). This made me think about some other things that "no one ever told me..." (or things that maybe, just perhaps, I didn't take notice of when someone did tell me :))
-- ...it is so hard to think of something to cook for supper every single night! (I know mom always asked me for suggestions...but now I understand! What are you all making for supper tonight? Suggestions...:)
-- ... my body would be ready for bed at 7 o'clock every night.
--... that eventually you stop caring what tv shows are on at night.
--... that even at the age of 22 I still need to write everything down or I forget what I'm doing.
--... that "multi-tasking" as a teacher is not just an option, but survival.
--... that "parent-contact" was going to be about #2 on my priority list under "Teaching students."
--... that your "planning period" really is just a slot in your day in which other people feel the need to schedule meetings.
--... that you'll always just want to go home, you always want have your mom cook you supper, and have your dad read you a bedtime story as he tucks you in to bed, you'll always want your mom to pick out your outfit for the next day, and you'll always want to be able to use the excuse, "I'd love to do that, but my parent's just won't let me, sorry."

I'm sure this list will only grow with time! Here's to another week :)


*carrie* said...


This list made me smile. You're right--it is hard to think of something to cook every night. I try to plan a week ahead or more, so that I do all the thinking and grocery shopping at once. It really irks me to run to the store for just one thing. =) I've created a list of our favorites, which I rotate, and then once a month or more, I throw in a new dish to try.

I also remember with teaching that I was so exhausted. I was in bed by 10 every night, and I dreamed about my students often (not in a weird way!!), trying to solve problems in my sleep, I guess.

Kali said...

That was nice when Mom picked out our clothes for us, huh? But I am glad I don't have to tuck EVERYTHING in any more!

Supper tonight...we're on for roast. Not my favorite, but hey - it's easy! And it also means I'll have lunch & supper for a few more times this week :-)

Micah Wolf said...

I agree it is tough to think of something for supper and I only have to think and cook for one...good thing my roomie is a great cook :)

Sue said...

Oh Kelsey, What a great list! That made me alternate between smiling and crying. I know you are a fabulous teacher and it really does get easier. (I think) Good luck!