middle school

I don't have much time today as I need to put together a lesson on the personal essay! I got a copy of this great book of poems by a man named David Puckett. After teaching middle school for several years, he began to write free verse pieces at the end of his days as a way to "reflect the full range of emotions experienced by all those lucky enough to call themselves middle grade teachers."

They are, in my experience thus far, very accuracte and insightful. Here are two that I wanted to share today:

Middle school learning is...

gum hiding
pencil breaking
toe tapping
hair tossing
seat squirming
pocket searching
make-up checking
window watching
note writing
mind changing
note crumpling
allegiance shifting
girl dreaming
boy dreaming
day dreaming.

Middle school teaching is...

aiming the learning gun
at a moving target.

In the past of every successful human being
Stands a middle school teacher
with a
smoking gun.

The Middle School Workout

Neither Jane Fonda,
Nor Richard Simmons,
Could improve upon the daily workout
Performed by middle school students everywhere!

They are amazing!
Their rules are few...

1. Don't walk when you can run!
2. Don't whisper when you can yell!
3. If it is overhead, jump and hit it!
4. If it's underfoot, kick it!
5. If it's flat, wad it up and throw it!
6. If it's breathing, write a note to it!

No wonder their parents complain
That their children come home too tired
To do their homework!


Kali said...

I loved these poems - such a great word picture of what you're experiencing right now. I hope I can actually see your real classroom sometime soon!

Anonymous said...

update Middle School Learning is.. with

text messaging

I'm thankful cell phones are not that much of a problem in grade school.