Yesterday I received a great package in the mail from Micah: It included A CAMERA that she is going to let me borrow, a book she wants me to read, and gift cards to Starbucks and Ann Taylor Loft to help me start my professional wardrobe. Thanks so much Micah!

Because of her wonderful gift, here are some pictures of my new "do!" Please leave comments and tell me what you think! [I'll put up pictures of our apartment soon as well]. In case you forgot how long it was before :

Brent has been very supportive :) He says he really likes it. He's known me since 7th grade and I've always had long hair, so this is a big change for both of us.
I still like to pull little pieces back [below], as I still can't quite get used to the little pieces in my face!

When I go to the pool I still try pulling it up in a ponytail, but this is all I get :) That is a HUGE change for me!
Brent enjoyed looking like Billy Ray Cyrus for a moment with my pony tail: don't break my heart, my achey breaky heart....[I need to mail that off so he stops playing with it!]Can't wait to hear what you all think! Sorry you had to wait to see pictures!


Anonymous said...

My ballplayer does not look the same without a ponytail but I do like it.

*carrie* said...

Super cute, Kelsey!

You look so much like M. Christy (president's wife) with this short hair!

Kali said...

LOVE IT!!! I think you look like Kerri Russell when she chopped it off in Felicity - remember? Super cute!

Micah Wolf said...

of course you know I love it. very cute. very becoming.

ps you forgot about the tootsie roll in the package and the note that I wrote you while talking to you on the phone.

love you

Anonymous said...

Absolutely stunning!!! You have always been gorgeous, but this took my breath away! (I'm a big fan of short hair anyway!)

Love you lots,
Aunt Lois

Anonymous said...

Kelsey I love it and my dad evens approves haha!! Hopefully i get to see you soon!!

Love Torri

Anonymous said...

Everytime I sit down at the computer I first have to bring up your blog and look at you some more! I really do love it - but it still hasn't quite registered with me. You know I'd love you bald!

The O'Rourkes: Andy, Sara, Ava & Luke said...

I would like to think I maybe inspired you... :) Way to take the plunge, it looks great!

Anonymous said...

Oh my little Kelsey! We've been in Omaha so this is the first I've seen the pictures. Absolutely beautiful, beautiful! Uncle Alan and I really love your new look! You look "all growed up and ready to teach!"
Love you lots,
Aunt Linda