real simple

I just moved my coffee table over about 2 inches. I was dusting [yeah, something to do during the 8 hours that I'm home by myself], and I noticed it was slightly off centered based on my overall vision for the room [come on...it's me you're talking to].

Well I moved it only to notice huge, despressed spots in the carpet [we actually have decently plush carpet in our apartment, and, BONUS, the APARTMENT pays for us to have it cleaned once a year]. Anyway, a little perplexed and trying to "fluff" it back up, I recalled a conversation I had once had with aunt Linda. She always knows the most bizarre treatments to random happenings, especially [without a 'c' mom] stuff that goes amuck around the house.

So, based on this conversation I was simply to place ice cubes in the despressions. WA-LAA. Now I have fluffly [albeit, slightly damp] carpet again! Thanks Aunt Linda, you raised me well!! :)

And it really was "real simple" uncle Alan.

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Anonymous said...

Heloise and I came through again! Nice to know I taught you something of value!! Love you lots! Aunt Linda