more wedding pictures

Well, finally the uploading didn't take very long. Although I have a ton more, these are some of my favorites, and ones that I feel give a good idea of the day. [Also, did anyone notice that I changed up the layout/colors of my blog?]

Mom and I during pictures. Yes, when we took pictures [before the wedding] it was super cloudy and windy. I was nervous but everyone kept telling me it would be okay. Didn't mom look great?

Now with Dad. You can also see Becca, our photographer in the picture. She did such a great job and really set a great mood for the rest of the day. We had a very fun time with her. [Dad said I weigh a little more than I used to...I blame it on all the lace :) ]
Getting Hawkins into the mood for pictures. He did such a great job all day [Our nephew, for those of you that don't know.]
During processional.
I'm walking down the aisle. This is possibly one of my favorite pictures of the day.
Recessional [yeah, these aren't in order]. I think Kali and Derek are laughing about the kids walking in front of them.
during ceremony

Our beautiful cake...before it fell over!!! Yep. Oh well, it still tasted just the same.

Here we are cutting the cake...notice the re-done look!!!


The "Carrolls"

If you didn't notice, the sun came out RIGHT before the ceremony!!! It was beautiful.

My bustle: complete with a brooch from Brent's great grandma.

It was very hot and everything was sticking to me. We took a brief break during pictures to air out :)

With our wonderful ushers who worked their tails off.

The first in the processional [again, notice the SUN!] Torri and Dawson.

Luke and Paige.

You may kiss your bride [Scot, Brent's brother, in background]

Dismissing my parents.

Walking in: like the tie dad.

Being given away.

Our unity sand.

Mom watching us walk out.

Brent walking his parents in.

And my [very smiley] mom.

Brent with his 3 siblings.

During pictures.

Our nieces and nephew [and the flower girl baskets I made!]


*carrie* said...

Gorgeous pictures, Kelsey!

Your psotcard came today--such kind words and a fabulous design. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Kelsey - Par with my gender, I'm not really a wedding guy...but, I must say that I really enjoyed seeing these pictures and being part of your day in abstentia. It was clear to me that the pics captured the spirit of the day...a day that turned out exactly how you would have written it. It was fun to see the genuine joy on each face, and the confirmation that the two of you are brought together by the Lord. Blessings as you begin your marriage.

We miss you a lot (only one date night in the past month!), and so does Nathan. We still make him say your name from time to time.