my mount rushmore

I heard a sermon the other day, and the pastor challenged everyone to consider who they would put on their "mount rushmore." He said to consider the people who have really shaped you into the person that you are. Well, as we all know the original one in Rapid City only has 4 faces...I could not narrow it down to this number. I realized there have been incredible amounts of people that have shaped me and molded me and prayed for me and walked beside me...but carving everyone into the side of a mountain would be a little tough. So here are the ones I decided to immortalize in stone, in no specific order. Beside each I put a brief explanation of what that person has taught me/what characteristics that person has challenged me to posess:

Kali: Deeply compassionate woman of God. A disciple.

Coach B: Responsibility, hard work, and integrity.

Mom: Hospitality. Humility. A servant.

Aunt Linda: Receiver of people.

Micah: Giver.

Dad: Seeker of Justice. How to look back, in order to look ahead. Stick-to-it-tiveness.

Sara: Wife. Learner.

Brent: Patience [not because he's driven me to it, but because he models it daily]. "In quietness and confidence shall be your strength."

Thank you all for the person you've helped me become. I love you each deeply. Does anyone have a chisel?

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Anonymous said...

I'm honored and humbled. Thank you.