Just to let everyone know, my tests Saturday were okay. The first one was in my content area (middle school English), and I felt pretty confident about that one. The second was the "Principles of Learning and Teaching, and it was more theories and theorist regarding education. It was all short answer with very little multiple choice (I wrote 13 pages!). I was less confident, as this test is definitely a little more subjective, but by the end of the four hours I was just happy to be done testing! I did have a little bit more time to study Friday evening, as our friend Eric came over for supper and then he and Brent went golfing to leave me some peace and quiet :)

Yesterday I worked in my classroom some more, and last night when I layed down to sleep I was again overwhelmed by everything I need to get done in two weeks. Next week I have meetings everyday, so my work time will be a little more limited. I know I can get it all done, but it's just looming right now! Yikes!

Also, yesterday Grandpa Jay and Grandma Hazel (Brent's grandparents on his mom's side) came into town! Gmpa Jay has a Navy buddy just across the river in Indiana that he had been wanting to visit, and so they went ahead and planned the trip. Mid week they will be going to Virginia to look at some of Gmpa Jay's ancestry, and then are going to come back through and go to church with us on Sunday. It was nice to sit in our apartment with Family again.

Well, as I mentioned I have a lot to be doing...posts may be hit or miss for a little while. I can't believe it's the end of July already! Where has this summer gone?


vzadventures said...

Really...where HAS the summer gone? I know how stressful those "looming" times can be, especially getting ready for the school year when you are a teacher. I pray that you are able to find some calm during these next two weeks and that things fall into place just as they should. Have fun! :)

*carrie* said...

Hooray for candles!

I thought of you yesterday when N and I drove up from KC. I looked at the map and figured your exit must be somewhere around St. J--is that right?