snip, snip!

I just got back from the hair salon...with A LOT less hair! Since I can't show you any pictures right now this post may be more frustrating than interesting, but I wanted to let you all know that I finally had enough guts to do it!

I was at the pool the other day and some lady asked me if I was "so and so" because I had the same hair [I actually get that a lot]. She then remembered that "so and so" and just got her hair cut short, and thus began a conversation about hair cuts. I mentioned that I'm always nervous to cut mine too short, because typically hair stylists don't quite realize how MUCH SHORTER curlier hair gets when it DRIES. We were deep in conversation when a tanning beauty behind me jumped in the conversation: "I actually supply for hair salons...there is a new one that just opened up and they have a stylist named Jessica that has curly hair. Here, I actually have a card with me." WHAT?!

So I came back to the apartment, called before I lost nerve, and scheduled the appointment for this morning... and by 9:30 when she cut off my 10 inch pony tail for Locks of Love, I had a lot less hair :). She then continued to cut about 2 more inches off...it feels so light and healthy and the curls really perked up. It hardly took any product to fix, which leaves me very excited as I normally have to put in way more than a normal human being [Mom always said that she thought I was drinking the mousse!]. I have had long hair basically all of my life, except for a short bout in thr 5th grade when I thought it would look good...yikes! As she was snipping away I had visions of that hair cut and got a little worried, but there was no turning back... I'm sure it will take some getting used to, but I like that it will be so much easier.

My wonderful and giving friend, Micah, is letting me borrow one of her cameras until I can get my own...and it will be in the mail this week sometime-- so I PROMISE pictures are coming. But for now, just visualize me with short hair!!!


Anonymous said...

Wow, I know you look great...I love curly short hair...so I will probably still be envious...forgive me Lord. Love, Carol, Micah's mom

Micah Wolf said...

my mom is so cute and quirky...but she is right, i know you will look great. i will get that camera to you tomorrow! ps iam typing this with one hand cause i am too hungry to put down my taco bell.