the long and short of it all [complete with pictures from people I don't know]

So as you all know, I got married June 7th. Now I want to update you on the last month! [Yikes! Where has the time gone?]

FYI: no camera, so any pictures are going to be stolen from friends and family or the internet! sorry.

June 7-14th: After the beautiful wedding we headed to a gret Bed and Breakfast in Excelsior Springs. We only wished we would have had more time here, but after a great breakfast we had to check out at 11. [Here is a picture of the place: we stayed in the suite in the far right of the picture.] This left us with about 2 hours before we needed to be at the airport-- Problem solved: We were tired and found a community center parking lot and we both kicked our seats back and fell asleep in a hot car for the next hour! What a way to ring in the new marriage, eh?! Next: Honeymoon to Colorado. We were at Red Feather Lake in Northern Colorado [almost Wyoming]. We were just a little bit up the road the lake pictured below, but our cabin was on another lake, with a picture window overlooking very similiar scenery!
We stayed at a friend's grandparent's lake cabin. It was absolutely beautiful. We were very high up in the mountains and it actually snowed one morning. Our last day we went into Estes Park and had a nice picnic on a rock overlooking the base of Rocky Mountain National Park. Then we walked around Estes and had Starbucks coffee along a babbling brook :) Although I don't have a picture of us there, I found this one on Google Images of the exact same Starbucks... these people look to be enjoying it as well! The second picture is of the babbiling brook I mentioned :) See ... Who needs a camera, right?!We bought our true blue Colorado souvenirs here : shoes for me, and a KU mug and Michael Jordan picture for Brent-- we'll always remember Colorado now!!! We flew back home Friday night late. We got into KC at about 11:30 [picked up by wonderful family friend Angie, who was gracious enough to let us park our car at her place, about 5 minutes from the airport--always looking to save a buck, ya know:) ] and by midnight we were on our way to Joplin.

June 14-16th: We arrived in Joplin at 3 am [yikes!], crashed at Adam and Bethany's [Thank you!] and were at the church by 10 the next morning to marry off Jon and Jenni. Brent was best man, and I was the boutinnere pinner-on-er and safety-pin run and get-er etc. It was a great ceremony and afterwards we went for a great supper with Josh and Somer and family. After a few final goodbyes and a prayer over us, we parted Joplin for the last time in awhile to make it back home to Brent's house at about 11. Sunday proved busy as we packed all of our belongings [besides what we left in our parents' basements :) THANKS!] into Dennis' gooseneck trailor and filled it up!!! If you are unaware of how big this trailor was--google images to the rescue yet again:That evening we opened wedding presents with our grandparents and parents and felt extremely blessed and very sad to be leaving behind all the wonderful people behind those gifts. Oh, and it was this day that I found out my car's muffler was completely messed up and needed to be fixed immediately! Yikes. Monday morning Brent and I left bright and early at 6 am in order to make it to Louisville in time to get the keys for our apartment [we would be losing an hour, since we are an hour ahead here in Louisville.] Mom, Beck, and Dennis came later...after waiting on my car, and arrived at about 1 am. With no beds or couches we all crashed completely exhausted in our bare apartment! Welcome to Louisville! June 17-21 [the first real week]: Brent headed off to work and the rest of us unloaded and were done by 9 am. Dennis and Beck were super helpful getting all the "mechanical" things out of the way, and mom helped me wash a few dishes so we could eat some lunch! They took off about noon and from that point on I unpacked and unpacked and unpacked! Brent would tell me to just relax, read a book, do something else for a little while, but if there was a box in site I knew I wouldn't be able to relax! Kali came up this weekend Friday, and Saturday, and helped a lot. She helped us get our living room put together and then tackled the big task of taking me grocery shopping! We really enjoyed our brief time together though, and after a delicious chicken enchilada supper on Saturday, she headed back to Nashville.

June 22-29: We were able to attend services at our wonderful church [where Brent is employed...along with over 300 other people--yeah, it's a big church!]. We love it! We are currently in a "Discovery Group" with other new members, just learning more about the church, what it has to offer, and how we can get involved. The first picture is of the main worship center. The two below are of the entire campus [well, most of it. These are older pictures and right now there is a new building going up between the two round buildings for the youth center. It is hard to see but if you look closely on the left hand side you can see the ball fields that Brent is spending a lot of his time at. His office is in the round building off to the side. This is their fitness center...come visit and we'll give you a tour :)]

This Friday we also had a little treat : Eric, one of the guys Brent works with, asked us to come to a horse race with him and his girlfriend. So we, of course, said yes, me starving for human interaction, and made our way to Churchhill Downs! It was so much fun. You see a little bit of everything at a horse race, and although I didn't wear a big hat and we didn't order mint juliups, we felt a little more like Kentuckians when we left. June 30- Now!: Well, my thank yous came in this Monday and so I spent all week writing those [be checking the mail...well, actually I have to buy stamps...but first I have to find the post office!]. Thursday we made the trip down to Nashville...only 2.5 hours!! We were so excited to spend some time with Kali and Dan, and have the realization sink in further that we are so close. Kali posted more about the events of that weekend : www.kalijohnston.blogspot.com -- so check it out! Pictures and everything [and of us...not of random people on Google!]. One thing she did happen to leave out though was that I gave Brent a haircut. We are both pretty proud of it.

We made it back Sunday and got the internet monday and I have been trying to catch up with this and that since then. I have a few orientation things in the next couple weeks, hope to get in my classroom, have to take the Praxis II and a Principle of Learning and Teaching test [wish me well], and Brent has an overnight retreat tomorrow night [which I am NOT looking forward to!] I'm hoping things pick up a little bit in this next month, but for now I suppose I should make much use of the free time I have!

WHEW! This was an update if I've ever seen one... I'll leave it at that. [I'll try to gradually post some more wedding pictures for you all too!]

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