thoughts on a humid monday

#1: I finally was able to get in my classroom today...I HAVE A CLASSROOM. Scary and exciting all at the same time. I'm a little overwhelmed at this point because I have A LOT to do as far as getting it "ready." I want it to look nice and I want to feel comfortable and I want my students to feel comfortable there...which will take a lot of work. Classes start the 13th. Yikes. But I know what is most important is not what is on the wall...and I feel prepared for that part. :) [More about all of this later].

#2: Things by the checkout: I know everyone at some point or another has fallen for the flashy, over-priced, very convenient to grab, items near the checkout at just about every store. Brent almost did the other day when we went in Target. He was thirsty [and I don't blame him, it is SO hot here], and I think I had driven him to needing some caffeine, and so the little cooler by the checkout lured him in. He looked at me with pleading in his eyes and asked if he could get a Pepsi. I surprised him, and said, "yes." But there was a catch, I made him walk clear back to the pop aisle and get a 2 liter bottle. And you know what? That two liter of Pepsi cost 50 cents less than the 16 oz bottle near the register. It cost him a few more minutes, and it wasn't instantly cold [but don't worry, he still opened it and drank some in the car!]. And the rewarding part of it? We still have some [cold!] in our refridgerator [which is a treat for both of us who hardly ever drink pop]. Just goes to show that a couple more minutes and a walk to the back of the store will serve you well!

#3: My mom taught me number 2.

#4: My dad would have bought the cold Pepsi. :)

and lastly,
#5: I'm getting a little tired google-mapping everything in order to know how to get places. I'm just saying this, not to complain, but to remind all of you to be grateful to live in a place you know well.


Kali said...

You have far too much time on your hands right now....

Anonymous said...

That mother of yours is one smart cookie!

Micah Wolf said...

I agree with Kali....some of us can't blog as much since we don't get to lay out at the pool all day :)

Anonymous said...

You continue to crack me up!
Aunt Linda