The Undertaker's Wife: a book review

I was originally drawn to this book because I am great friends with a real life undertaker's wife. Their stories are some of my favorites. Just like the author, Dee Oliver, describes on her first date, my friend has had to be a part of a few "detours" with her husband while a "third wheel" joined them in the back of their van. Once they were on their way over to our house for supper, but when they showed he was carrying his suit in with him and we knew he was going to have to take his lasagna to go. Duty called. It's a strange world, but he does his job beautifully and it is really a gift, and she has been the perfect compliment to it. So I was excited to read some more stories from an undertaker's wife.

This book shares the true story of Oliver's first dates with her husband, a fourth generation funeral director, as well as his sudden death which left her with their three girls to raise. She then shares her journey into becoming a certified funeral director.

This book, while entertaining, wasn't super captivating for me. There are bits of humor, some of which is redundant, and glimmers here and there of her faith. The story is interesting, but I found myself having a hard time relating to her wealthy, Southern lifestyle: she mentions being in Garden Club, and the Country Club, and her decorator, and lawn guy, and botox. Actually, she mentions botox A LOT. Which just felt strange to me.

I did appreciate the vulnerability she shared, and I liked that the last few chapters were more "how-to" than story. She shared what was helpful to her in her early widow days. And she shared what spouses should do to prepare for their death, because we never know when it will happen and the even the smallest preparations-- like having your obituary already written-- can help your grieving family tremendously.

I finished this book wanting it to contain a little more depth, but it was a unique story none the less.

I was provided a copy of this book from the publisher, but all opinions are my own. 

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