#dirtypics / Take Two

I seriously can't get enough of your [#]dirtypics. < Speaking of which, can someone please come up with a hashtag that won't get us all reported? [And if you missed the original post and are confused, click HERE.]  This is all coming from a person who loves organization, and no clutter. But reality doesn't always match my brain. I think on Pinterest there should be pictures of beautiful room designs, and then a side by side of the same room after it's lived in.

First, let me start with a picture of my desk where I am typing this: 

I couldn't NOT have a follow up after I got such an awesome response. So please, read through these comments I received and take a looksy at these pictures, and then go put your feet up on your piles of laundry and pour yourself another cup of coffee. 

//  It's funny about the laundry thing you said: this is my pile from a month ago I'm just now folding- the big piles are all donations because I'm sick of having to fold so many clothes-- I'm just donating the clothes we really don't need. 3 bags so far.

 //  I often think this while I am posting cute pics of A. when there is a sink full of dishes behind her or laundry baskets on the floor!

//  I am SO SORRY I cleaned the boy's bathroom before I read this, or I could make you feel like Superwoman. Just picture lots of soap scum and dog hair everywhere. I sprayed basically the whole room down with KABOOM, used the toilet brush to clean the shower and tub, and paper toweled the rest. If they don't like this, if they should notice their feet burning in the shower or the coughing up of dog hair, I figure they can clean as well as I can. Take that boys. grin emoticon

//  From the mom who had the upstairs bathroom painted light yellow because a teenage boy lives here and I hate to clean bathrooms (gross, sorry, but true). And this is my end of the school year kitchen island/bar..... (And I don't even have the energy to care....give me a week)

//  I so often fall prey to the, "our house is a mess, this dinner was terrible, I have no clean clothes, I'm the worst wife ever & (insert name here) always has it together!" mentality. It's easy to forget that no one has it all together!

//  Before kids my house was spot less, literally spot less! Now I 'try' to care but after running after a 3 year old and a one year old all I want to do is have 1 second of quiet. I 'try' to still keep a clean house but after putting toys away 100 times I just don't care "they will drag them back out tomorrow, so I'm going to bed." M's face stays dirty most all day, (she hates her face being washed) so it only really gets washed when we leave the house or bed time. I know every mother feels this way but it still makes me feel bad when I see everyone's 'perfect' house/kids.

//  That's a coffee table. Or maybe a ranch. There is a lot of imagination going on in this house. More imagination than cleaning these days.

//  I do laundry once a week and then spend the rest of the week struggling to dig through the mounds of clean clothes to find something to wear! Dishes...forget it...Momma's tired after supper time! 

//  I'm right there with you! I use the crib containment pretty frequently to try to get to use the bathroom by myself. And I removed all of the winter clothes from W's drawer this weekend (in frustration over him constantly wanting to wear sweatshirts when it's 80 degrees outside) and they are sitting in a basket waiting to be put away. C. still has 3 month clothes and winter clothes in his dresser and desperately needs 12-18 month stuff moved into it but I haven't gotten that far yet. And this is the current state of my basement floor, I call this clean enough for company these days

//  I just vacuumed and mopped the floor yesterday. I love my family and dog, but sometimes I 

want to shave the dog bald and confine my family in the garage.

//  This is the state of our entire home. Unpacking is a beast.

please, everyone, do not miss the BABY IN THE LAUNDRY BASKET! my favorite. 

//  Giving myself a pat on the back. We're doing awesome! Below picture is unpacked boxes in our spare room. Yep, we'll get those one day. Close the door for now.

//  From your post: "This random assortment of bills and coupons and hair clips and other paraphernalia is happening...
Yes. "Is happening..." As in, "it's not done yet...it's still progressing..." As in, "it is actively getting worse by the second..." As in, MY ENTIRE HOUSE.

 // Last week, [my husband] was gone and we did no cleaning the week before he left. Then I did no cleaning the week he was gone. I ate only macaroni and cheese and ice cream and cookies. Then I cleaned for five hours before he came home, even though he said he didn't care. But I cared and sometimes I just need something to happen out of the routine for anything to get done. 

//  Gathering for a yard sale here for the upcoming weekend...and trucking all the stuff to my mother's in [another town]! Our piles may beat your piles...on the other hand, our closets look awesome, you can now walk into the storage garage and what doesn't sell is going to Goodwill! My laundry piles are on the bathroom floor and you should see the top of my coffee table. 

//  My kid is mad because I put clothes on him. His fort is crushed and the house is a disaster. My pile of laundry would give you nightmares.

And if reading through those is not the absolute best way to go into your weekend, I give you this: 

I messed up taco night last night when the shells got overlooked in the toaster oven while I attended to Blythe. This was actually terrifying, but Brent to the rescue!! He threw the entire thing outside and saved the house. Sheesh. Taco shells!?! Of all things. I'm going back to peanut butter and jelly. 

And send me your ideas for a hastag that will not link us to nightmares. And then let's keep this conversation going, please? 

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Mrs. White Writes said...

Oh my gosh - laughing at the taco shells! And painting the bathroom yellow = genius!

I read thenester.com and her motto is "It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful." #idhtbptbb I also like the #womenirl, #lifeunfiltered, and others.

I think the main takeaway is that these are, as you said, our truths. They aren't our excuses or failures, but our own beautiful messes. :)

*carrie* said...


Thanks for posting follow-up pix. Since I don't have a camera on my phone, taking and uploading photos is a pain, but I promise we have plenty of material for this post.=) I have never heard of toasting taco shells--curious about that, but won't be trying it, given your outcome. ha!

Callie Nicole said...

Ha, I love this! You'll have to update us on the new hashtag, because I will totally participate!

Melinda Moss said...

My house has looked like all of these pictures so long that it's nothing new. :( BUT my favorite picture is the first one. I love the way the older child is kind of melting down the couch, how the baby is watching that, and how the dog is just snoozing. All I see is a calm family home. Love this!

Ellen said...

Bahahaha, I thought the taco shell was flaming dog poop at first, which was way more disgusting, but way less terrifying.

anna said...

I think using #dirtypics is hilarious. Mostly because I'm actually an immature dirty minded junior higher masquerading as a 30 year old church goin', Christian mom. Whatev. Anyways, loved this post. And the fact that you almost burned down your house heating taco shells. :)