graduatin' time

I'm sure it's happening around you too: everyone is graduating! I love this time of year because graduations are a big deal: they celebrate work and effort and sticking-to-it, and they are also this very scary end to something you've finally figured out. In a way, graduations are kind of a big shove out the door while wearing a weird hat. 

A couple years ago a very special group of "my" kids graduated. I had taught them their sophomore and junior years, and they had seen me through my first year of pregnancy. We literally laughed and cried our way through those two years. If you ever want to know crazy stories about me, just ask that class because they have plenty [and I of them. wink. wink.]. However, when they graduated I wanted to do something special, but didn't have an income to do it with. So I made card/books for them. I thought I would re-share these now, for all those graduating this time of year and stepping out into the big unknown. 

Here is what the little books say [there are a few inside jokes we shared in class]: 
[I did a screen shot of the actual document, so disregard the red squiggly lines trying to tell me I'm wrong…]:


And if you are wondering:
"Purty neat" reference is HERE
"Guy on a buffalo" reference HERE
And if you don't get the Atticus and Bob Ewell reference, rummage through your change drawers, find $5, and go buy a copy of this book HERE 

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Liza DeYounge said...

Oh my gosh! This SO reminds me of books Mark and I did for graduates in YoungLife. One year, we went to at least 30+ parties in one weekend. Our book was way less cool and way less clever. WAY LESS. Great minds think alike, though, eh?!