Becks had a birthday party

I've decided I am not really a theme person, but give me some colors and I'll be okay. We kept things simple for this little lady's first party, and it was a lot of fun. As always we just had family join us, which always puts us at about 15-20 people. Both the girls did a good job-- Blythe with handling the fact it wasn't her party and they weren't her presents, and Becks with handling the amount of people, as she can sometimes get a little timid. But all faces were very familiar, and she enjoyed her little self. 

I liked the taste of the fish cupcakes from Blythe's party with the M&Ms, so I just bought the mini bag and, after frosting the cupcakes, dipped them in the m&ms. Nothing fancy by any means. And the cupcakes were the funfetti ones from the box, so there's that.

 I always like to have one area to display a few things. I didn't get a close up of it, but I have a shadow box with the outfit we brought Becks home in. I also sat out the teddy/panda bear is one my aunt made and gave to Becks as a baby gift, Becks' baby book and photo book I made with her birth story in it, as well as the Belly Book I kept while I was pregnant with her. [Can you tell I love to document?]

We continued the tradition of my dad making a birthday poster [which then gets "retired" on the garage wall], and I added the monthly pictures I took of Becks to a garland, and it was really fun to see the progression [I should post those here soon].

I also pulled out a few favorite pictures that I have of Becks from the past year and added them to the other entry way.

I think my favorite little touch were these crepe paper streamers. I followed this tutorial. And when I say, "I followed...", I of course mean that I bought the two colors of crepe paper [for $2!], and then brought them to my mother-in-law and "helped" her. Here's the deal: I have to watch a YouTube video to figure out how to thread the dang sewing machine and then freak out when it says things like "the bobbin." What?! BUT, I really could have done these myself. So if you are a novice on the sewing machine and can run YouTube, you could totally make these. We didn't use great thread and it broke several times because the tension is high, but other then that it was pretty straight forward. And I think the three color ones would be fun. And I want to make more and send them to some friends as gifts who have upcoming parties to throw!

These will definitely be making an appearance at another  every party.

 I decided to do a pizza bar, and made meat lovers, pepperoni, tomato basil, and chicken alfredo, and my mom made a bacon and onion, which is our families favorite! Besides making enough pizza to feed the entire town, it was a hit! I sent most people home with some pizza in a bag... instant party favor ;).

Here come the obligatory one-year-old-eating-a-cupcake pictures. Once again, I adore watching their face when everyone is singing them Happy Birthday. Becks was frozen except for those big blue eyes that darted from person to person.

Oh and here's some pictures that show you that I don't even do my hair for my kids' birthday parties, so you know. #yolo

There are a lot of these. I understand. Just keep scrolling.

Becks' namesake, PopPop Beck. Who also REALLY enjoys his cake and ice cream. 

Grandma Pat has always given the great grandkids a piggy bank for their first birthday/Christmas, and then for every subsequent holiday/birthday she gives them a bag of one dollar coins. She's a genius. It's a perfect gift. And Becks loved dropping those coins into the bank.

It was a beautiful day, and everyone mingled in and out, kissed on the birthday girl, and ate, and celebrated, and it was great. And now I have another year to figure out how to thread a bobbin and make some more crepe paper streamers!

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Hannah said...

Oh, I just love how you decorate. ...if I was only half as creative... It looks like it was a fun little party and like Becks enjoyed her little self. I'm so glad you were able to celebrate one year of her life with family. She is such a little cutie!