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There are SO many things I don't understand about fashion. [Why are you reading this? Go order your magnets ;)]. Okay, most of the things. But I do know that I love my Toms shoes, as well as my Sperry's,  and I do know that these are in style. At least they were 4 or 5 years ago and that is good enough for me. 

However, could someone please explain how the heck I am supposed to wear these in the winter? In Fall and Spring I feel like I've got it handled. I don't wear socks with them and they are comfy and look good with shorts, capris, or jeans. 

But in the winter I just don't feel right wearing shoes without socks! I mean, maybe if I lived in California, or some other more temperate place, but when there is snow on the ground and/or it is below 20*, I am not wearing shoes without socks. But I understand this looks dumb: 

So what am I supposed to do? I know these shoes are supposed to be worn in the winter [the ones pictured have corduroy linings so obviously they aren't Summer shoes]. But how? I know I can't wear white socks. Do I just wear brown? I don't consider the little panty hose bootie sock things warm enough [or comfortable!]. 

Would someone please explain this to me? Thank you. While you're at it, please let me know how to do eye makeup too. 

Have a great weekend and may your feet be warm yet trendy. Somehow. 

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Mrs. White Writes said...

I have those same shoes and I wore mine all winter (not like I'm trudging through snow these days) with footsie socks like these. I also wear these socks year round with ballet flats because I think they help cut down on bare-foot-in-shoe stink.


Hannah said...

This is always one of my greatest fashion dilemmas [well, maybe not greatest, as I have no fashion sense, but still... ]. This winter I'm sticking to shoes I can wear socks with [it's cold here!] but for the Fall and Spring it's nice to be able to wear those kinds of shoes without a sock showing but still have a sock on. I have a few of those little flat liner 'sock' type things that generally work for me when I do wear flats. I even wear them in the summer so my shoes don't stink. But, I saw an in between sock that I am so excited about! I have yet to try it, so if you do give it a try you'll have to let me know. But it seems like they are pretty much a sock, they just don't show ... and they're more substantial than a little liner thing. You know? Anyhow, I thought I'd share that. Hopefully you find something that works! And if you ever learn how to do eye make up, please pass that info my way :)

the link: http://www.kohls.com/product/prd-1832949/keds-3-pk-dots-metallic-liner-socks-women.jsp