This weekend we travelled south to visit my wonderful aunt and then stopped to see Brent's sister and family and some good friends/ Brent's college mentor. We rolled into our garage at about 10:15 last night and I was in bed and fast asleep at 10:30. Exhausted.

It was such a full, relaxing, beautiful weekend. But I'm pooped.

So today I'm doing laundry and picking up and drinking coffee…

oh, and Blythe threw her pacis away this morning so I'm listening to her talking and not sleeping. But she's not screaming or crying so I am considering it a success so far. I'll keep you updated.

Becks had a rough couple of days in the sleep department because she's been uncomfortable from constipation…my poor children suffer from this. Hoping to get her back on track too. Whew.

All that to say-- I love traveling to see family and friends. Brent and I love being in the car together. Our girls are awesome companions to travel with [unless they don't feel well and they are up all night…Becks….]. It was so good.

I'll try to be back to blogging tomorrow or so. Until then…coffee…

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