some things that drive me crazy

/a toilet that won't flush unless you hold the handle down for eleven minutes…er…10 seconds. I.E. my toilet. 

/"I seen." Nope. That's never correct.

/waking up with creases on my face that don't go away for 5 or 6 hours. What is that about?

/ folding laundry.

/an almost three year old that began potty training in July, who seemed to be getting it in December, who for the past two or three weeks has begun going in her pants more frequently than she does in the potty. Oh and the poop. Seriously. 

/ not being able to fall asleep at night. I used to be able to fall asleep before my head hit the pillow but in the last month I toss and turn and toss and turn…

/ when the amount of hashtags is longer than the caption for the picture…unless it's sarcastic hashtagging.

/ when I drink coffee on my way somewhere but then find my pack of gum is empty.

/ flossing. #soidont

/ losing my spot in a book and taking two minutes to find it again when I could have been reading

/ Pages. I love my Mac. But Word will forever be better.

/ half way into making cookies/supper and realizing you are missing a vital ingredient.

/ people calling a ponytail HOLDER a ponytail. They say, "Do you have an extra ponytail?" and I'm like, "I lost enough hair after having my babies, so no. Sorry. I do not have an extra ponytail. However, if you'd like a holder for your ponytail, a rubberband, an elastic? I have gobs of those."


ponytail holder
[google images]

/ When Brent is like, "Oh. Hey. Can I please have a drink of your water?" and then finishes my glass. #getchaown

Oh, there are more. But I'll leave you to ponder these.

Also, I can't believe I forgot about My Antonia! That would probably be my number 5 favorite book, so add that to my post from a few days ago and click HERE to see the goodreads blurb about it.

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Hannah said...

Oh, yes, to just about all of these. I don't have personal experience with the potty training bit, I can imagine it's not wonderful. But the "I seen" oh. no. just no. And the losing your page in a book. And the "can I just have a sip of your water? or a bite or your cookie/apple..." and then it's all gone. :)

*carrie* said...

The first to add to this list that I know you can appreciate is when people put an apostrophe in a last name when addressing mail. I saw it so much on Christmas card envelopes, and I cringe every time. =)

I, too, hate to floss.

I feel your pain with the potty training. One step forward, two back is definitely where we're at--have been for months!

Yes, laying in bed and not being able to sleep is no fun.