Dr. Brown's: a review and giveaway

On Christmas Eve I received a super fun package on my doorstep from Dr. Brown's:

I posted this picture and everyone was coming out of the woodwork saying, "Oh yeah! Dr. Brown's! They're the best! That's what we used! Only bottle my kiddo would take!" And I'm sitting here thinking, "Where were you 5 months ago when my child started to refuse her bottle?! Just kidding, friends. I'm glad you have a brand you love and that worked and that allowed you to leave your child for more than 4 hours. Sort of. ;) 

But this package, you guys?! I received two of their super fun Christmas bottles to try, as well as a sippy cup, bowls, divided plates, spatula spoons, and three packages of wipes: Nose and Face, Tooth and Gum, and Bottle and Pacifier. 

I don't even know where to start because all of their stuff is pretty top of the line. Like I mentioned, Becks doesn't take a bottle because she is perfect in every way so she figured she needed something to keep us grounded. The bottles I got have the smallest nipple, so I am going to get the faster flow and see if she'll take them. Everyone I know that uses these bottles LOVES them though. 

*all images taken from drbrownsbaby.com unless they are of a super cute baby girl names Becks :) 

I was happy that Dr. Brown's sent me some feeding accessories to try because 1. I run the dishwasher every other hour it feels like and I needed some extras! and 2. Their stuff is awesome! I have been using the divided plates for Blythe because I think the portions are just about perfect for her and I love that the bottoms of the plates and the bowls are non-slip because, you know, toddlers. 

However, when I pulled out the spatula spoons I was like, "What the heck are these things?!" And then I read the description and I thought: Some brilliant woman somewhere that has fed many, many babies designed these suckers! Check them out: 

 Weird, right? I agree, BUT THEY ARE AWESOME. You know how a baby eats? If not, here is exhibit A:

Normally when feeding Becks [or any baby], I try desperately to "scrape" the excess off with the spoon but spoons are not made for this. Spoons are made for spooning. And then along came Dr. Brown's spatula spoon. See how the end is flat? And just like you would scrape out the extra cookie dough healthy food you're making out of the bowl with a spatula, you can scrape the remains of each bite off your child's face. It's brilliant. I wish I would have thought of it.  I don't have any pictures of my using the spoon [or really any of these], because meal time is hectic enough without trying to snap a picture with one hand while spoon feeding a baby with the other, all while keeping an eye on your toddler to make sure she isn't just licking the syrup off her pancakes.

I was also excited to see the sippy cup in the box, because I had just been talking to some friends about transitioning our babies to a cup. I wish I would have gotten this cup a little sooner, because I'm afraid Becks has grown attached to a different one. I like the one she uses alright, but it leaks a lot more than the Dr. Brown's does and it doesn't have a lid. I would choose this one for her, but sometimes the baby wants what the baby wants. And nobody puts baby in the corner. Or something like that, right?

The wipes they sent me are also great. I usually have regular baby wipes with me, but I can tell that these are made for a different purpose than the "bum bum" [as Blythe would say]. Becks has had a touch of a runny nose lately [and it's a miracle that is all she has given the FLU that was in our house!], and the Nose and Face Wipes are so much softer and work a lot better when her poor little nose gets crusty [< for lack of a better word]. And they have moisturizers in them to keep the nose soft!

I haven't used the Tooth and Gum wipes much yet, but the pacifier ones are nice to have in the diaper bag when we're out and the paci falls. [Sidenote: I am not the mom who washes her children's pacifiers nearly enough. When I say "and the paci falls" I mean like on a public restroom floor or in a mud puddle or in another child's mouth. Which is strange given the fact that I tend to get "germed out" really easily-- I can hardly handle the thought of amusement parks or touching escalator handles. But my children's pacis? Meh. Terrible. I know. Which is why these wipes are pretty great! If I have them I will use them and you all can rest assured my children are not sucking on Ebola.] All of their wipes have natural cleaners in them, which is good to know when you you're dealing with things as gentle as their mouth and nose. Especially on a face as precious as this one:

Basically, this stuff is all pretty great. For real. I am grateful that Dr. Brown's sent me these products in exchange for this review because they are products I use every single day.

Like I mentioned, I got this package the day before Christmas and things were a bit hectic, but Dr. Brown's has TWO of their Christmas bottles to give away to one lucky winner! I figure a great bottle is a great bottle even if it has a picture of Santa on it! So if this is a product you would love to try with your little one, or know someone who would like it, all you have to do to enter is as follows:

Leave a blog comment [or comment on link to this post] letting me know which Dr. Brown's product you think would get the most use in your house. 
for an additional entry "like" Dr. Brown's on facebook and let me know that you did in your ^same^ comment. 

I will announce the winner on this blog on Friday! You have until midnight on Thursday [January 8--TOMORROW] to enter! Good Luck! 

Be sure to come back at the end of the month for a super fun giveaway just in time for VALENTINE'S DAY!

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Hannah said...

Oh, Dr. Brown's! That is such a fun package for you to get! At the moment we would probably get the most use out of a sippy cup ... but come June/July/August... maybe a bottle? But yes, for now a zippy cup. It's always a good thing to find one that doesn't leak. :)

Kristi said...

I'd love to use Dr. Brown's bottles this spring when my son is here!

Nicole Mendez said...

I have not tried any of the awesome products you have reviewed. However, I would love to try some of it makes life even better for twins. I am not picky, but the nose wipes sound great since we are dealing with runny noses right now. Thanks!

Jillian said...

I would definitely use the bottles most of all, especially this June when we will be welcoming a new little one! We used Dr. Brown's the first time around and loved them! We only had the glass ones though, so I'd be curious about trying out the plastic ones! So yeah....not Facebook official yet, but definitely expecting! :-)

Vivacious Ramsey said...
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Vivacious Ramsey said...

the Br. Brown bottles would get the most use in our house and I follow Dr. Brown on facebook as livivua chandler


Sarah Whigham said...

My babies hate bottles, so I'd like to try a Dr. Brown's bottle.

Anne said...

My nieces both used Dr. Brown's bottles and had great experiences with them. Come June, I'm guessing that's the product I'd use the most. :-) Those spoons are pretty epic, as well! I also liked the Dr. Brown's page on facebook. Thanks for another great giveaway, Kelsey!

Manda said...

I like the bottles.