a day at the spa

This morning I laid Becks down for her morning nap, built a quick fort for Blythe and deemed it a "library", and then headed for the shower. Sometimes five minutes alone in the shower is equivalent to the joy of sitting down to eat a handful of Oreos with some whole milk. And today I was super pumped at the prospect.

I quickly warmed up the bathroom and jumped in. No sooner had I pulled the shower doors closed than a brown-eyed two year old rushed in and urgently informed me she needed to use the potty. Okay! I dripped water mercilessly all over the floor and helped her up. She went. I wiped. And off she galloped.

I began scrubbing my hair and heard the door creak open again. "This is a nice shirt Ellie give me." Yes, it is. Yes, it is. And she was off.

I was rinsing the shampoo when she poked back in to inform me her library was "really good, Mom."

I don't even think she made it ten feet away after that because she was quickly back with a troubled look on her face, informing me she needed to go poopy. I slid the door open, ready to get the floor wet once more, when the panicked face disappeared and she said, "Oh. No. There isn't poopy there," and skipped out once more.

While washing my face she brought me an animal cracker.

While washing my arms she felt the need to return and discuss human anatomy.

While standing under the hot water at the end of the shower, relishing in the brief solitude, she opened the door and mumbled something I couldn't understand before leaving again.

I turned the water off, grabbed my towel, and while drying my hair the door opened and I heard a muffled, "You're rubbing your head, Mom. That's silly." 

I realized I had taken my lotion into the living room the day before and asked her to fetch it for me.

Waiting for the lotion, I wiped up the floor. Finally she came in…and handed me a broken tea cup and insisted I fix it. I told her I would, and reminded her of her lotion mission. A few minutes later she came back with the pink Johnson and Johnson lotion from her bathroom. Which is kept high on the counter. What?! How did she get that? "I jest climbed up there." I had no idea she could do that. I gave her specifics on where the lotion was located and sent her back out. After a few more minutes I went and got it myself, since she clearly didn't understand my directions and was rummaging around in my bedroom. Valiant effort though.

All of this in around 15 minutes or less.

I'm telling myself that someday when I'm showering for 20 minutes in absolute quiet I'll long for the days those brown eyes kept appearing at the door. But it's kind of hard to fathom that right now. :)

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Melinda Moss said...

I showered with my children. Less collateral damage. :D

*carrie* said...

Ha, I get it!