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Last night I was in the shower [weird, I've been writing about the shower a lot lately] and I was listening to some music. I had it playing at a somewhat low volume because 1. I was listening to it just to help my mind stop from rattling around BUT 2. did NOT want just extra noise. Ya know?

So I popped into the shower and as soon as I was under the streaming water I realized I couldn't really hear it. It was weird because I thought I had it at the perfect volume but all of a sudden all I could hear was the constant beat in the background of the song. Which was kind of annoying. And is there a name for "the constant beat in the background of a song"? I'm sure there is.

I couldn't recognize the song just from the thump thump thump of that beat. As soon as I turned off the water the rest of the song became audible and instantly I recognized it and could sing along.

And I realized that the volume I thought was perfect didn't take into account the extra sound of the water coming out of the faucet or pounding on the shower walls and floor. It didn't take into account the clicking and popping of opening and closing soap bottles.

It had been easily drowned out by extra noise.

And my life feels like that a lot. I think I am listening to God and I think I can hear him just fine, and then I actually shut off the extra noise and I realize what I thought was the whole song He was playing for me was actually just some muffled beat playing in the background.

When I still myself long enough, and turn off the extra, I can hear the rest of the music.

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Melinda Moss said...

The constant beat in the background would be the bass line, my sweet girl. It's the back bone of any song. :D