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I am a second child, so obviously I think second children are great. However,  I have heard everything under the sun about "second children." When I was pregnant I was warned that Becks would be crazy. She wouldn't sleep. She would make me pull my hair out. Her teen years would be dramatic. Basically all hell was about to break lose. Luckily most of these things haven't been true…so far.

I also heard all the things I wouldn't do for this second child that I did for my first. I wouldn't have as many pictures or documentations. I would let her play with knives. You know, that sort of thing.

It's been funny because in some ways I've been shocked with how I am different with her: I was way more worried about her in the night and while she was sleeping when she was a newborn. I thought that I would be more relaxed but instead I found myself panicking more and had to turn that over to God more than the first time. I don't wash her paci when I drop it, but I never did for Blythe either, so that's not surprising. When she was just tiny I would lay her on the carpet without blanket under her quite frequently. This was definitely different than I was with Blythe-- there were quilts laying around in every room for the sole purpose of her laying on them.

I still document and take pictures just as much as I did with Blythe, but I think that the reason for that is twofold: 1. I enjoy it. 2. I am the product of not much documentation [but to be fair, my mom didn't do much for her first child either ;)].

Some things that I think are funny that I don't do for Becks that I did with Blythe:
On her onesies I snap one button in the center and call it good. Is there really a point to snapping all three buttons? It just takes so much time and effort, right? So one button is good enough for me and Becks.

Speaking of buttons- I don't use any sleepers, no matter how cute they are, that have a million buttons. It is zippers or nothing. Blythe wore every outfit and every sleeper no matter how much of a struggle it was to put on her. Becks gets the practical outfits. ZIP! [Unless I need to do laundry…]

I had a large variety of baby food made and ready in the freezer with Blythe. Now I make a big batch of one veggie and one fruit and Becks gets it on repeat until it's gone or I have time to make more.

There are more, but these are the ones I just thought of. Do you have more than one child? Did/does the second one get a little different treatment than the first? What about that poor third and fourth child?

But seriously-- zippers.

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Mrs. White Writes said...

Have you heard that they make magnetic baby clothing now? It stresses me out.