So here is the deal: My last name starts with an I.* I love my last name. I love my husband. I love that my husband was willing to share it with me.

I love the look of decorating with letters. Having your family's namesake represented by a colorful C or a kicky K or a perfect P is fun.

But the letter I is SO BORING. Seriously. Most of the time it is just a straight line. Other times it is written in cursive to try and kick it up a notch, but it still fails miserably in being interesting. AND because of this, most stores fail to carry the letter I. The other day I was in my favorite store ever, Kohls, and they had some cute ornaments on sale. They were peppermint candy in the shape of letters. Nearly ever letter had 2 rows. I thought maybe one row of Js was supposed to be Is so I dug and dug. To no avail. They literally had every letter except for the letter I.

I can't say that I blame them though. It is a sad and depressing little letter.

Later that same day Brent and I were at Wal-Mart. We were in the checkout line and could see some monogrammed mugs lined up on a shelf. I pointed out to him that there was no letter I mug. He responded and said that one of them was turned around and that that one was probably an I. I got out of line, walked over to the mugs, and turned the backwards one around. An S. Go figure. Ss get all the glory.

I've had this conversation with my sister in law who married into the same I-trouble. She agrees that finding a good I is like finding the proverbial needle in the haystack. My friend, Micah, bought me an I from Anthropolgie when I got married. And it is actually cute [letters can be cute, trust me]. But it is orange and fuscia and how could that not be cute? I have searched high and low to find a low key version of this [because let's be honest, those colors don't go everywhere]...and nothing. nada. zip.

So next time you buy a letter for your wall, be glad your last name doesn't start with an I. Be glad that you have a letter that fills some space. Be glad that you have a letter that can be found in stores. Be glad that you have a letter that doesn't bore everyone to tears.

And if you ever happen to stumble across a funky and spirited I, please let this desperate home decorator know!!

*I try not to post my last name on the blog for security reasons.


Brent said...

There are such things as boring letters? What will she come up with next? over-weight pencils? sad stop signs?... flying underwear? oh wait, that last one is true. Right Kali?

Mary I said...

I share the last name that starts with I. Have never thought to look for it but I will be watching.

Micah Wolf said...

I'll find you another "I" and a cute one! Love that pic. I want to do that! Where did you find it?