black friday

Black Friday combines two of my least favorite things:
Lack of sleep.

However, it also includes two other things that I do like:
Snagging a good deal.

Sleep and not shopping will always win. Always.

My family is here and there are leftovers to be eaten and kids to play with, so all I have to say today is:

The winner of the Liza Loves Paper giveaway is:

apparently if your first name is Carrie, you have a high chance of winning one of my giveaways ;) just kidding. It's totally random. 
Email me, Carrie! :) 

Don't forget: you can still get 15% off from Liza's ETSY SHOP with WORDSTHATSING15 coupon until January 1! Stock up! 

Have a great weekend, friends, and see you on Monday for another cool giveaway. 

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Hannah said...

What an awesome giveaway!! I love all of those things and wish I was half as talented as her! You are a lucky duck to have such an amazing friend nearby. If I won this giveaway, I would pick the earband. I think, they are both so perfect it's hard to choose. But for now, I think I'll stick with the earband - though I bet Carrie someone will win it all again ;) maybe I should change my name ...

Hannah said...

Ah, shoot. I just realized I posted that comment on the wrong post... sheesh.

Black Friday. I too love sleep and being at home. But I do go shopping on Black Friday. Since we visit one of my sisters for Thanksgiving and she loves shopping I go with her. It's our bonding time and good hang out time. Always accompanied with coffee and good chats. And the good deals are always a plus. If I went anywhere else for Thanksgiving I wouldn't go out shopping, she brings me out and we have a fun time together. It's crazy, but it's fun and we avoid the crazy people and crowds because we've learned when the lull in the shopping is. Though your day sounds pretty wonderful: leftovers and family. :)