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I have opened and closed, reopened and closed, opened, closed, so many "new post"s on this here blog in the past two weeks you would think you all would be sick of me by now. But instead? I think I've written like three posts, and two of them were bump updates which I don't really count because that's like, for posterity, or something.

I don't know why I can't think of something concrete to write. Usually I have a million things swimming through my brain that need a space to air out on this blog.

It's not that I have nothing on my mind lately, but let me just give you a sampling of some of the things that are on my mind [mainly when I'm laying in bed at night]:

- Should I rearrange my bedroom? What if I put the bed in the corner from an angle, and moved that dresser here, and the other dresser there? Would we have more room? Would it look weird? It's not necessary, but I kind of want to…

-The baby. Obviously. Is her name perfect? Is she comfortable? Is she moving enough? Too much? Am I drinking enough? And speaking of the baby: the fruit ticker on here says she is the size of a pineapple, while the weekly email I get says she is the size of a coconut. I feel like both of those are fairly different sizes. Regardless, they make me want a fruity, summer-y, icey drink.

- I'm finally reading Anne of Green Gables. It's so sweet and simple and lovely. Every once in awhile Anne will say something like, "Saying one's prayers isn't exactly the same thing as praying, is it?" Anne is the best.

- Softball. Next season. Yep. Already I've been thinking about this and that about next fall. Speaking of which, have you seen our state championship rings? Remember when my team won and we were the number one team in the state of Missouri?

I've been thinking about how I'll have TWO children then, what childcare will look like for practices, t-shirt designs [because let's be honest, that is the type of thing I'm in charge of], line-ups, and the on-the-ball necklace.

- Blythe's birth. I've always enjoyed thinking back to that story, but now I'm like, "So, I still haven't really experienced labor and delivery," because, holy smokes that was so fast I barely had time to think. Will I make it to the hospital? Will I labor for 42 hours? It's all so unknown. But I've also been thinking about that precious bundle we brought home, and how it really will be something incredible to get to do that all over again.

- Dishwashers. Do I need one? Mine has been broken since about October. At first it was, like, a very big deal. But now…meh… I've gotten used to it. Some days I'm all, "I JUST WASHED dishes, how are there a MILLION to wash again?" [just ask Brent], but then I do them and I'm like, "Not a big deal." I'll probably save the money for now and just continue to split my hands open from the dryness they experience from being in dishwater all the time.

- Breastfeeding. To say I had a less than desirable experience the first go round is an understatement. Remember this, jubilation when it was nearing an end?  I'm SO much more open to not nursing this time. I will do it for a little bit if I'm able, but I want to be able to step back and assess what is really best for our family, as a whole, when the time comes.

- This adorable swimsuit on Blythe's chunky, tan body this summer:

- And other things. See what I mean? I've been thinking about nothing and everything. So just bear with me while my brain is on over drive with nothing to write about. :)

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