baby bump 2: week 32

Dear baby,

Another week down and we both keep growing! After our wonderful shower last week, I really have felt the itch to get things more and more ready for your arrival. I washed a few clothes and blankets, straightened up the nursery, and even opened a package of diapers and put them in the basket so they are waiting for your sweet little bottom. I know it will still be a few, or several, more weeks until your arrival, but I like knowing your special things will be ready for you.

I had a moment this week while I was sitting in the nursery after one such "cleaning spree." It was a quiet moment, as your sister was napping, and the sun was streaming in from outside as Spring is trying to make her appearance around here. It was just a moment of clarity; of realizing that I'm about to be a mother to another child, to you, and that you will grow me in all new ways. I realized that your tiny little body will soon lay in that crib, and that your cries will wake me in the night, and that my body will try to sustain your life. I knew all these things before, but I felt them anew in that moment. And if I'm being honest with you: that moment excited me and scared me all over. It's such a blessing to be your mom, but it's a big responsibility too.

You've also developed some interesting patterns in my expanding belly. You don't move as much as your sister did, or at least you don't kick and punch like she did, but you seem to roll and your movements are very strong and methodical. I'm not sure if it's your head or your back or what, but several times throughout the day you push and prod something out on the lower left side of my abdomen [is it still considered an abdomen at this point!?]. And then you just hang out like that, with what feels like all your weight pressing right there. It makes me laugh, but I'm sure I have an internal bruise right in that spot! I've also noticed your feet [?] up in my ribs on the upper right side lately. This was something I distinctly remember your sister doing too, because once she did it while I was teaching  and I started pushing right there to try to get her to move and one of my students freaked out and thought I was going into labor! I can tell you're getting longer and gaining weight-- you're becoming even more of the little newborn I will get to meet so soon!

The weather was nice enough this week that we were able to go on a couple of walks. I can't go as far or as fast as I used to, but it still felt good to get out and breathe in the fresh air and stretch my legs a bit. It will be so fun to push you around in a few months, and you can join us for walks on the outside. 

Oh sweet daughter, it is incredible how much love I feel for you already. Stay safe and healthy, and we will meet soon enough.

Love, Mom

I realized I hadn't done a "comparison" from my last pregnancy and this one. It's kind of hard to tell since I was wearing a dress [I used to dress up ;)], but I really am about the same size at this point, I think, as last time. And that is just a pic of me being silly. 

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Pink Pamalamma said...

This is so sweet. :) And you look so adorable!