baby bump #2: week 31

I don't know what my hair is doing in this picture, but who cares when Blythe is lookin' that cute. [This was really a 32 week pic, but…so it goes]

At the baby shower…more pictures to come

Dear Baby, 

What a full week we had. You had lots of family visiting: your Aunt Kali and Uncle Dan, and your cousins Caroline, Ellie, and Wesley; and your Aunt Beth, and cousins Henry and George. We spent a lot of time bee-boppin' from one place to the next, but it was a time full of good fellowship, and lots of noise and giggles.

I realized this week that I have to listen to my body a little more, and realize I'm pregnant a little bit more. Your sister is one heavy "little" thing: 30 pounds!  I have to be careful that I don't overdo lifting her, or I'm very uncomfortable and sore by the end of the day. I had a little issue from it, but my doctor isn't concerned and we got a good bill of health at this week's appointment! We go every two weeks now, and I don't ever want to take for granted the "routine" visits we've been having.

We also had an absolutely wonderful shower thrown for us this week. I wasn't really expecting anything, since you are baby number two, but my sister worked her little hiney and pulled off magic with my Grandma Ann. They hosted a "tea party" shower for us at Grandma's house [your great grandma], and we had scones and cucumber sandwiches and tea and coffee to our hearts' content. There was a wonderful turnout, and though Aunt Kali "advertised" it as primarily a "diaper" shower, we were showered and blessed beyond my expectations! We are surrounded by such incredible people, baby girl, and I can't wait to share them with you, and you with them.

To close the shower, we sat in a circle and several of the ladies prayed for us: for everything from a safe delivery,to our transition to a family of four, to your future "sister-ship" with Blythe, to my recovery post-partum, to my decision in breast feeding, to your traits… but mostly they prayed that you would be the young woman God is already making you to be, and that you would know Jesus, and He would show your dad and me how to be the best parents we can be for you. It was a very special time.

And now we are off to week 32, and time keeps flying. You'll be in my arms before we know it.


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*carrie* said...

I love the pic of you at the shower! Fun you got to do that with so many loved ones.

Blythe is 30 pounds?! She has definitely surpassed Naomi (21.6--just the 1st%!)

Hannah said...

Oh, my gracious. That picture of Blythe is adorable!! How do you even stand it, she's so cute!

Your shower sounds like it was such a wonderful time. How wonderful it is to have family close by and loving on you and baby girl. I will be keeping you all in my prayers these next few weeks especially! It's getting so close! :)