baby bump #2: week 30

even though this is not a great picture, I feel like you can see the belly more

being silly

Dear baby,

30 weeks! I feel like this is a BIG milestone. There are only 10 weeks left, give or take, and your survival rate outside of the womb increases drastically at this point. It's at this time that you start packing on the pounds [about a 1/2 a pound a week]. I read somewhere that now I'm supposed to be gaining about a pound a week…but let's just say I translate that flexibly. Last night your dad had to run to the store to get milk anyway, so I asked for my first impulsive "pregnancy" purchase: a bag of m&ms. I told him to grab a pound bag "or something", but he found a 1/2 pound bag. That was probably best because, let's just keep this between you and me, but it's already gone. 

I got out all your clothes this week and put them in your dresser. It was fun unpacking the boxes and remembering your sister in those outfits, and it made me anxious to SEE you and hold you too. It's amazing how quickly one can forget just how tiny newborn stuff is! I was able to put newborn through 3-6 months clothes in the dresser! I also got your crib bedding all washed, and raised the crib up again. It's not only the crib your sister slept in, but the one I slept in when I was a baby too!  

Speaking of all that stuff: I know what it's like to be a second child and receive hand-me-downs. I hope you don't mind too much. I didn't really care. And here is a secret: being the second girl is awesome! Blythe will figure out all the ins and outs of a lot of stuff before you do: like how to fix hair, or solve the quadratic formula, or get through middle school… and she'll be able to help YOU do all those things when it's your turn! She'll even figure out what does or doesn't work with me and your dad-- the hard stuff will be done for ya! ;) 

Oh sweet baby, I love you so much. I'm definitely feeling more pregnant this time around. I've felt more pressures and pains and just general discomfort as I've gotten further along this time. My entire abdomen will get super tight and contract for a bit already. But I mean this wholeheartedly when I say: I don't care! Sleepless nights? Leg cramps? A gazillion bathroom breaks? Bring them on, because they are a part of growing YOU. 

And growing you is one of the best decisions I've ever made, and I thank the Lord for letting me do it. 

We love you! We're on the downhill slope now!

Love, Mom

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