baby bump 2: week 34

Dear Baby,

34 weeks. Here we are, on that downhill slope. Generally people keep telling me that we don't look like we are this far along, which is a great compliment. The doctor last week [we saw someone besides our regular doctor] told me I'd gained enough and should stop. I think we will go with the people. ;). Speaking of weight though, I can tell you're getting bigger by the day. Since I have such a long torso, you have a lot of room to spread out, so I'm not super uncomfortable yet, but can definitely tell you're taking up more and more room. 

We celebrated your sister's second birthday. You liked the cupcakes, for sure, as you spun and twirled after I ate them. Celebrating two years of Blythe's life reminded me though of how quickly my time with you girls will pass. Before we know it we will be celebrating YOUR second year of life…and then you're third… and then high school… and then your wedding… But I guess I'm getting ahead of myself. Let's enjoy this last stretch together while you're still so close to me and we still get to share secret moments together. 

I have a friend who recently had a baby five weeks before her due date. I'm not expecting that to happen, but it makes me think. I said to your dad just today, "I'm gonna go ahead and get a list together for things we need to put in our bags." I don't think we need to pack them just yet, but being slightly prepared will make me feel better. 

I just know the weather is going to warm up before you get here. It has to! And when it does things will get green with new life and I know that I, too, will be bursting with new life and with even more anticipation! We will sit on the porch and rock and just get to know each other this spring and summer. Oh it sounds so good. 

I almost slipped and said your name when I was talking with someone about you the other day. It's becoming more and more natural to me to think, and your dad and I use it all the time when we are talking about you, but we still want to keep it a secret until your big debut! 

Downhill slope. Downhill slope. Downhill slope. Let's do this! 

Love, Mom 

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