baby bump 2: week 33

I've gone and done it again and gotten behind. My apologies. Now let's forget about it because it will probably happen a few more times. 

Dear Baby,

Whew. Mama looks tired in this week's picture. Growing you is exhausting work, but worth it.

I think it's funny that just last week I was telling you how your movements are a little fewer and farther between but strong. Scratch that. You're moving all.the.time. now. It's funny because it's like something switched and poof! You're groovin'! Your in my ribs a lot now on my upper right side. There are a few times that it's uncomfortable, but usually it's such an unusual feeling that I can't help but kind of enjoy it.

Everything looked good at the doctor this week. You are head down and will most likely stay that way from here on out [hence why I feel so much movement in my ribs now! Your feet are busy!]. I think I have another week or two and then we go to the doctor every week. Can you believe it? That's a sure sign that you're getting close to being here.

I think your dad is getting a little tired of me constantly cleaning and preparing things for you, so if it were up to him you'd come sooner rather than later, just so that your presence in my arms would occupy me :)! But really we're just so glad you're staying strong in there and that you're still healthy and growing like you should be. Patience is one of the traits we are praying for you, so who know is you'll demonstrate that this side of delivery or not? Your sister sure didn't!

I held a newborn girl this week, and while I held her you kicked and squirmed and it made me even more excited to see your sweet face and hold you in my arms like that. We love you, baby girl. So very much already, we love you.

Love, Mom 

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