day 7- a photo of someone you love

This is obviously a toughie, as I am blessed to be surrounded by people I love deeply. However, I had to pick this picture:
These are all the girls that "grew up" in my parents' home. Paige, Kali, Torri, Me, and Avree. My mom stayed at home when Kali and I were younger, and when we went back to school she began keeping teacher's kids. And oh how we didn't know our lives would change because of this decision. These girls are a part of our family. Paige and Torri were bridesmaids in our wedding, and when Brent and I were making the decision to return home, these smiling faces were a HUGE part of that decision. They truly are an extension of our family-- except, as Brent likes to say, they are better than family because we CHOOSE them :). [Not that we don't love our families...]. I was lucky enough to be able to return to help coach them in their softball season, and I even have Torri in class, that lucky dog! :) Kali and I love them like they are our sisters, and Caroline will refer to them as her aunts. This picture makes me so happy because it is so full of people I love.

Speaking of which, I found this picture too. This is Caroline on day two of her life. How precious in every way. We were able to spend a great Thanksgiving with her, and even though she is no longer the tiny infant that just sleeps and sleeps, she is still has wonderful...and adorable! Consider this a bonus photo for the day!

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Sharon said...

That is a couchfull of my very favorite girls!