day 3- a photo that makes you happy

I love both of these pictures so much, and since they are both of the same thing [basically], I figured it wasn't cheating to put them both up.

These are pictures of us playing our favorite card game with some of our absolute favorite people, Meagan and Shane. Shane was a worship intern while Brent was a sports and fitness intern... and after playing intramural softball together I invited them over one evening. We laughed and talked for hours that night... and from that moment forward spent so many of our free moments together. When we were leaving Louisville, one of the very toughest parts was knowing we would be leaving Meagan and Shane behind too. Friends like them don't come around very often, and we know that... I joked with Meagan saying they were "lifers"-- meaning she was stuck being my friend for life.

I miss these simple evening we spent together. We'd make supper, sit around and talk for an hour or so, and then Meagan and I would clear the table while the boys shuffled the cards. And then we would play until we were bleary-eyed and a little crazy. A lot of nights our games ended well after midnight, sometimes meaning we would pull out the blow up mattress and they would crash in our living room instead of driving clear back to their apartment. Those were happy times, filled with joy and fellowship.

The top picture we are actually playing cards in Gatlenburg, TN. We went there on a little vacation together at the beginning of the summer. We spent the 3 and 1/2 days lazily... in the hot tub, mini golfing, hiking, and playing cards. Glorious.

All of our time together is HAPPY. Thus my choice to use these photos for today.

Meagan and Shane-- we miss you! Don't forget, the house next to us is for sale :)


Brent said...

what makes me smile is the way megan didn't participate in the "action" shot we posed for. Posed-- because we all know Kelsey wouldn't let us play-on while she paused for a sec to take a picture.

meagan said...

OOOOOH MYYYY GOOOSH.... this post made me tear up a little. I WANNA MOVE TO MISSOURI! :(
I definitely miss those HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY times!!! and the more I'm thinking about that year and the times since, I'm cracking myself up. ooooh, the memories. :)

love, your lifer!!

Ana-Lou said...

This looks like a game that Kent and I have played together for twenty five years. He taught me it through His family - the KLUNDTS. :-)

It makes me joyful to see your smiles and your fun with your friends! I Love seeing you and Brenters enjoying life together through the years.

pst. I can't believe we haven't seen you two since your return.

Anonymous said...

Sharon -

Does this day 3 sound a bit familiar.
Just got me to thinking.

Thanks Kelsey!

Kelly K