day 8. a photo of your favorite band/musician

My favorite band? AIRBAND '07, baby! Every year at my college "Airband" was held during homecoming week. It was essentially a glorified lip-sinking contest, and the winners received a cash prize and a pizza party [I think...I don't really remember]. Anyway, I participated my last two years in college. My junior year my group got 2nd [ROBBED!], but my senior year, oh my glorious senior year... we decided we had to go ALL out. So we figured what better way than by wearing 80s outfits and reenacting a ridiculous music video to "I've Got to Praise You Like I Should." At first the audience was silent...not really understanding that we wanted to look ridiculous... and then they got it and laughed a lot. If you can't tell, the guys are literally sweating! We went all out... AND TOOK FIRST PLACE! We were so excited. It was a fun night.

My hair begs me every day to live in the 80s :)

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Elizabeth said...

oh my. i wish i would have seen this back in december. i obviously need to blog more! guh.

this brought some tears to my eyes, kels. sometimes i wish i could go back to those days. when our biggest worry was the caf wasnt serving chicken patties nearly enough.

dang. today, i miss nwc.