quick trip to oklahoma...

Last weekend Brent and I packed up our bags and jumped in the car for the boring ride through Kansas and arrived Friday evening at Scot and Rian's new abode in Oklahoma. [Brent's brother and sis-in-law]. We spent a fun filled Saturday with the fam and went to church with them on Sunday before we hopped in the car to drive back through the [oh so dull] state of Kansas [but I still love the Jayhawks...don't worry].

As always it was wonderful to spend time with their beautiful family, and we are oh-so-thankful they realized how AWFUL California is :) and moved closer!! We look forward to many more "quick trips" to see them.

always so silly, Myka
launching his plate

action shot...

checking out the snacks

we took advantage of the beautiful fall weather! [had to have been almost 80!]

the kids found a worm they wanted to keep

we went to a neat frozen yogurt place in town. while we ate I set the camera on the table and snapped a few photos.
Trace was VERY into his yogurt

The girls wanted to make something like we did last time I visited [over the summer we made "stained glass" with melted crayons in wax paper]. We found some fun paper and made banners for their doors that matched their walls. The girls helped pick out the flowers they wanted and cut them out :)

it's cool to make crazy faces

it's fun to wake up to this energy...and then get a cup of coffee:)

Thanks for a great visit guys! We love you all!


Scot said...

great shots! love you guys too.

Kali said...

Looks like you guys had fun! I didn't even know you went. hint hint...you should call me every once in awhile.

Joan said...

So glad you made the trip. Scot and Rian are a great family.

BChambers said...

I love all of these so great, thanks for sharing Kels..now we have to make a trip down there soon, I mean we are closer an all;)