day 6- a photo that makes you laugh

Apparently while we were sick I couldn't count. The second day three was supposed to be day 4.

Here is my photo that, without fail, can make me burst out in laughter:
We had just gotten a new tv so I was taking some "before" and "after" shots for memory's sake...so Brent thought it would be a good idea to have some before and after shots of him watching the different tvs. The first photo is just of him slouched on the couched, no smile, watching tv. This was his idea for the second-- watching the new tv. I remember I could barely take the photo because I was laughing so hard. He's such a goober. I love him to pieces. Thanks for making me laugh, Brent!
and are coffee tables only good for collecting junk?!

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Brent said...

you have those before and after pictures on your blog somewhere in 2009 You should put a link to it. This makes me laugh too.