day 3- a photo from the last place you went on holiday/vacation

To start: I didn't think I would be blogging this weekend. The plan was to just enjoy all the time with our family that is here...as much as possible. And we have... Friday evening and all day yesterday were wonderful blurs of family time. We had spent most with Brent's fam, since they're leaving sooner, and then last night around 8 went over to my parents to visit with Kali and Dan. And Brent ate a sweet potato. Oh, you evil sweet potato, you!

He woke up at about 4 a.m. and hasn't really left the bathroom since. And it's his BIRTHDAY for crying out loud! Oh, sweet potato, I will curse you forever.

But on a happier note: Today's photo is a picture from the last place you went on vacation. B and I have been other places since this trip, but haven't considered any a "vacation" necessarily. This week long trip to beautiful weathered state of California a year and half ago though...definitely a vacation.

We visited Brent's brother and family. Fantastic.

And my dream of going to Disney Land finally came true :)

And now I'm going to check on the sick birthday boy :(.

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