photo challenge

If you follow my sister's blog you have seen her newest inspiration. I decided I would do the same as a way to hopefully get back in the swing of things myself.

So this is the deal. It is a 30 day photo challenge. I will not promise those will be thirty consecutive days, however. So I'll just go ahead and take care of day one before I bound off to basketball practice for the day:

Day 1: your facebook profile picture
Brent and I recently went to Joplin to visit Brent's sister and fam. If you don't know, my sister-in-law, Beth, is a FANtastic photographer. Check out her webpage if you don't believe me. Anyway, we were exploring an old house and she snapped this photo in the basement. I just like the lighting, and that my hair isn't really fixed, that I'm tan from summer, and that I'm not looking at the camera.


BChambers said...

YAY photo challenge.. I love you Kels and you are beautiful looking or not looking at the camera;) Can you think of a challenge for me? I would love to start making myself blog everyday..but I get lazy:( Maybe if I had incentive. I cant wait to see you this weekend!!

Aunt Linda said...

Man, I'm loving this photo challenge thing. Two of my favorite bloggers back at it!