more house update- bedroom & bathroom

Here are some photo updates of our house! The first batch is of the master bedroom. It has a border [which was a NIGHTMARE to get off...right Beck? and Mom? they were fantastic help :)] And horrible green carpet. We re-carpeted all of the bedrooms which made a world of difference! And, just like in the rest of the house, we painted ALL OF THE TRIM in here. Quite the job. Lucky for me, Joan is a fantastic trim-painter. Well, without further adieu... our bedroom [the first three are before, obviously... and we took these on move in day and didn't really get a great shot but you get the idea]

After: A beautiful gray! [Grandpa helped us cut down our bed frame and we just got it painted black and set back up this weekend, so it's not in the photos]. I think this is my favorite room we've re-done so far :)

And now...the main bathroom. This little gem was pretty nasty when we first laid eyes on her. My mom scrubbed away for hours [literally] with her yellow gloves on. I thought this room would go quickly since it was so small, but I learned my lesson! Again it was covered in wall paper, but there was also a lot of patching that needed to be done once we took the wall paper down. Again...it couldn't have been done without a team of helpers [Paige and Torri even got their hands in on this one!]

And after... :) Much better. This paint, a very faint blue, had my favorite name-- "Stillness." I thought that was fitting for a nice relaxing bathroom.
Brent took this picture. I would have shut the drawers and moved that washcloth off the counter:)
And this was in the same folder as these photos, so I just had to add it :)


Jillian said...

wow! what an awesome job you guys did on those rooms---a total transformation, and great taste! Hope you guys are doing well! We miss you!

*carrie* said...

Very dramatic changes--a nice reward for all of your hard work! Enjoy.

Sharon said...

Yes, some of it was kind of "icky" work, but always fun working with everybody else! And the results...beautiful! Good job Mr. and Mrs. Irwin!