We ought to give thanks for all fortune: if it is "good," because it is good, if "bad" because it works in us patience, humility and the contempt of this world and the hope of our eternal country. -C.S. Lewis

I am thankful for:

a home I wanted to move back to
a husband who loves me every moment, even when I'm bent over the toilet throwing up
that I don't throw up very often
that brent and i are both healthy
a family that welcomes me with open arms
back rubs
8 healthy, fun, wonderful nieces and nephews
a mother in law who has the patience of a saint!
a father in law who makes me feel like one of his own
being able to coach softball with my softball coach
a new home that is warm and safe and cozy
so many helpful hands in helping create the above
being close to paige and torri again-- and that relationship
a sister who will always look out for me
a brother-in-law who loves my husband like a true brother
cars that run
that i don't have allergies
winter coffee creamers
a mom who is selfless and giving
a God that is always faithful
a Jesus that is always enough
a Holy Spirit that is ever present
being able to teach To Kill a Mockingbird
having a dad who is my own Atticus Finch
a HUGE back yard
having extended family that brent and i WANT to spend the holidays with
a great job that i love

... so very much more.

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Mose said...

Up top for winter coffee creamers! I'm rocking the 'peppermint mocha' right now.